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Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy

Fossil Fuels

History of Energy Use
History of energy use
History of Energy Use in the US is a story of increasing demand and changing sources.
What is LNG?
Liquefied natural gas
What is LNG? The use of LNG as an energy source is growing rapidly. Learn more about LNG.
Natural Gas Prices
Natural Gas Prices: Where are prices headed? Supplies and uses are both growing rapidly.
Natural Gas News
Gas shales
Natural Gas From Shale: An explosion of natural gas leasing and drilling activity: Marcellus, Haynesville, Utica, Fayetteville and Barnett Shale.
"We learn geology the morning after the earthquake."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Bakken Shale Oil
Bakken formation oil
Bakken Formation Oil: A USGS assessment indicates lots of undiscovered oil in the Bakken.
Natural Gas Uses
Uses of Natural Gas: Used in a variety of ways, gas is both a fuel and a raw material.
What is Shale Gas
shale gas
Shale Gas is natural gas trapped within shale. It is a growing source of US supply.
NC Natural Gas Shale?
North Carolina gas
Gas Shale In North Carolina? What is the production potential of North Carolina gas shale?
"Oil is found in the minds of men."
Wallace Pratt

Renewable Energy and News

Geothermal Heating
Geothermal heat pump
Geothermal Heat Pumps: An introduction to geothermal heat pump systems by USGS.
Geothermal Resources
geothermal energy
Geothermal Energy is present everywhere. It can be used for heating, cooling and power
Renewable Trends
renewable energy
Renewable Energy Trends: Use of solar, wind, and other renewables is rising.
Iceland Geothermal
geothermal energy at Krafla Volcano
Geothermal from Superhot Rocks: Geologists intentionally drill into superhot rocks.
Enhanced Geothermal
Enhanced geothermal
Enhanced Geothermal Systems produce energy from reservoirs that lack porosity or permeability.
"The present is the key to the past."
Charles Lyell
Climate & Hydropower
Hydropower and climate change
Hydropower & Climate Change: New climates will require new hydropower strategies.
Selecting a Heat Pump
Selecting a geothermal heat pump
Selecting a Heat Pump: Learn about the different types of residential heat pump.
Geothermal Hydrofrac
Geothermal production
Hydrofracing a geothermal well? Will oil & gas methods work in hot rock?
World Oil Shales
Oil shale
Oil Shales in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Estonia, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Russia, Sweden, Syria, Thailand, Turkey and United States.
"The best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks."
Herbert Harold Read

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