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Where is Paraguay?

Paraguay Satellite Image

Paraguay satellite photo

Paraguay Country Information:

Paraguay is located in central South America. Paraguay is bordered by Bolivia and Brazil to the north, and Argentina to the south and west.

Paraguay Bordering Countries:

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil

Paraguay Cities:

Abai, Asuncion, Borja, Caacupe, Caaguazu, Caapucu, Caazapa, Capitan Bado, Capitan Pablo Lagerenza, Ciudad del Este, Concepcion, Coronel, Desmochado, Doctor Pedro P. Pena, Encarnacion, Filadelfia, Fuerte Olimpo, General Eugerio A. Garay, Ita, Kilometro 160, Mariscal Estigarribia, Oviedo, Paraguari, Pedro Juan Caballero, Pilar, Pozo Colorado, Puerto Bahia Negra, Puerto La Victoria, Puerto Pinasco, Salto del Guaira, San Ignacio, San Juan Bautista, San Lazaro, San Lorenzo, San Pedro, San Ygnacio, Tacuati, Villa Florida, Villa Hayes, Villa Oliva and Villarrica.

Paraguay Locations:

Acaray River, Alto Parana River, Apa River, Jejui Guazu River, Monte Lindo River, Paraguay River, Parana River, Pilcomayo River, Tebicuary River and Verde River.

Paraguay Natural Resources:

Paraguay has metal resources which include iron ore and manganese. Other natural resources for this country include limestone, timber and hydropower.

Paraguay Natural Hazards:

Paraguay has some natural hazards, some of which are the local flooding in the southeastern portion of the country from early September to June. This can result in the poorly drained plains becoming boggy from early October to June.

Paraguay Environmental Issues:

Land-locked Paraguay, in central South America, has environmental issues concerning deforestation. There is also water pollution, in addition to a loss of the country’s wetlands. The health of urban residents is at risk due to the inadequate methods of waste disposal.
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