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Saudi Arabia Map - Saudi Arabia Satellite Image

Saudi Arabia political map

Where is Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia Satellite Image

Saudi Arabia satellite photo

Saudi Arabia Country Information:

Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is bordered by and the Red Sea to the west, Yemen and Oman to the south, the Persian Gulf, Qatar and United Arab Emirates to the east, and Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan to the north.

Saudi Arabia Bordering Countries:

Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Yemen

Saudi Arabia Cities:

Aba as Sa’ud, Abha, Ad Dammam, Al Bahah, Al Hillah (Hauta), Al Hufuf (Hofuf), Al Kharj, Al Khubar, Al Manamah (Manama), Al Mubarraz, Al Qunfudhah, Ar Riyad (Riyadh), At Ta'if, Az Zahran, Buraydah, Ha’il, Hafar al Batin, Jeddah, Jizan, Khamis Mushayt, Makkah (Mecca), Medina, Najran, Qal at Bishah, Rabigh, Tabuk, Unayzah, Wadi ad Dawasir and Yanbu'al Bahr.

Saudi Arabia Locations:

Ad Dahna, Ad Dhana, Al Jafurah, An Nafud, Ar Rub’ Khali (Empty Quarter), Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, Gulf of Bahrain, Harrat al Buqum, Harrat Khaybar, Harrat Kishb, Harrat Nawasif, Harrat Rahat (Lava Fields), Harrat Uwayrid, Jabal Hijaz, Jabal Tuwayq, Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf), Red Sea, Syrian Desert and Tihamat ash Sham.

Saudi Arabia Natural Resources:

Saudi Arabia has substantial fossil fuel resources including petroleum and natural gas. The country also has metal resources, which include iron ore, gold and copper.

Saudi Arabia Natural Hazards:

The natural hazards for Saudi Arabia include frequent dust and sand storms.

Saudi Arabia Environmental Issues:

Environmental issues for Saudi Arabia are mostly water related. These issues include a depletion of the underground water resources. The lack of perennial rivers and permanent water bodies has prompted the development of extensive seawater desalination facilities. The coasts are polluted from oil spills. The country also has desertification.
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