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Uruguay political map

Where is Uruguay?

Uruguay Satellite Image

Uruguay satellite photo

Uruguay Country Information:

Uruguay is located in southeastern South America. Uruguay is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Argentina to the west, and Brazil to the north.

Uruguay Bordering Countries:

Argentina, Brazil

Uruguay Cities:

Acegua, Artigas, Canelones, Cardona, Carmelo, Chuy, Colonia, Dolores, Durazno, Florida, Fray Bentos, Guichon, Jose Pedro Varela, Juan L Lacaze, Kilometro 329, La Paloma, Las Piedras, Maldonado, Melo, Mercedes, Minas, Montevideo, Pando, Paso de los Toros, Paysandu, Punta del Este, Rivera, Rocha, Salto, San Carlos, San Gregoria, San Jose de Mayo, Santa Lucia, Sarandi del Yi, Son Jose, Tacuarembo, Tranqueras, Treinta-y-Tres, Trinidad, Vergara and Young.

Uruguay Locations:

Atlantic Ocean, Dayman River, Lago Rincon del Bonete, Lagoa Mangueira, Lagoa Mirim, Laguna de Rocha, Laguna Negra, Negro River, Quarai River, Queguay Grande River, Rio Arapey Grande, Rio Cebollati, Rio Cuareim, Rio Dayman, Rio de la Plata, Rio Negro, Rio Queguay Grande, Rio San Salvador, Rio Santa Lucia, Rio Tacuari, Uruguay River, Yaguaron River and Yi River.

Uruguay Natural Resources:

Uruguay has a few natural resources, some of which are hydropower, fisheries, arable land and minor minerals.

Uruguay Natural Hazards:

Uruguay is particularly vulnerable to rapid changes from weather fronts, due to the absence of mountains, which act as weather barriers. The country experiences seasonally high winds, such as the pampero, which is a chilly and occasional violent wind that blows north from the Argentine pampas. Other natural hazards for Uruguay include floods and droughts.

Uruguay Environmental Issues:

The country of Uruguay has inadequate waste disposal for both solid and hazardous materials. There is water pollution from the meat packing and tannery industries.
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