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Plate Tectonics Map - Plate Boundary Map

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Explore divergent, convergent and transform plate boundaries with satellite images and maps. Use the buttons in the upper left to navigate and change your zoom level. To navigate just grab the image and drag it around. Switch between maps and satellite images using the buttons in the upper right. To recenter, double click on the map/image.

Plate tectonics sites featured include: divergent plate boundaries (the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at Iceland, linear lakes and volcanic activity in the East Africa Rift Valley, the Red Sea), convergent plate boundaries (the volcanic islands in the Aleutian Island arc, volcanoes in the Cascade Mountain Range, volcanoes in the Andes Mountain Range, the Caribbean volcanic island arc, the Himalaya Mountain Range), and transform plate boundaries (faulting in the San Andreas Fault Zone in central California).


Plate Tectonics Map by USGS

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