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Teaching TectonicsTeaching Tectonics Teaching Plate Tectonics with easy-to-draw illustrations is fun and effective. Plate BoundariesPlate boundaries map Explore Plate Boundaries Zoom in for a close look with satellite images and maps. Magma FormationMagma Formation How Deep Does Magma Form in subduction zones? Clues from chlorite. What Is The Moho?What Is The Moho? What Is The Moho? Learn about the Mohorovicic Discontinuity.
Pangea RiftingPangea Rifting Pangea rifting produced intense volcanic activity that doubled atmospheric carbon dioxide. Driving Forces What Drives the Plates? What Drives the Plates? A new force is discovered that could propel Earth\'s tectonic plates. Great Rift ValleyThe East Africa Rift System: The East Africa Rift System Learn about the East Africa Rift. San Andreas MapSan Andreas Map Google Map allows you to zoom in on the San Andreas Fault with satellite images.
Internal HeatInternal Heat Radioactive Decay is the process responsible for about half of Earth\\\'s internal heat. Tsunami CausesWhat Causes a Tsunami? What Causes a Tsunami? Learn how plate motions trigger earthquakes and tsunamis. Drilling To The MohoDrilling To The Moho Drilling to the Mantle A new technology might make drilling to the Moho possible. San Andreas ArticleSan Andreas Article What is the San Andreas Fault? Map, photos and description of the fault by Dr. David Lynch.
Hawaiian Hot SpotHawaiian Hot Spot How did the Hawaiian Islands Form? The power of a moving plate over a stationary hot spot. Earthquake FrequencySan Andreas Quake Frequency San Andreas Quake Frequency Earthquake frequency might be higher than previously believed. Mariana TrenchMariana Trench Exploring the Mariana Trench A robotic vehicle dives 6.8 miles down - a new world record! Japan EarthquakeThe Japan Earthquake The Japan Earthquake shifted Earth\'s mass resulting in a shorter day.
New Madrid MysteryNew Madrid Mystery New Madrid Mystery Why do large earthquakes occur far from an active plate boundary? Cities Moved by QuakeCities Moved by Quake South American Cities Moved by Earthquake Some moved ten feet westward. Saudi Volcanic FieldSaudi Volcanic Field Harrat Lunayyir 30,000 eathquakes and rifting reveal activity in this volcanic field. Elastic ReboundElastic Rebound Theory Elastic Rebound Theory and how it applies to earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault.
Pacific EarthquakesPacific Earthquake Triggers: Pacific Earthquake Triggers Subduction zone core samples reveal earthquake triggers. Pacific TsunamisPacific Tsunamis Pacific Tsunamis This ocean is surrounded by plate boundaries, that can produce tsunami. New Madrid New Madrid New Madrid Seismic Zone An earthquake hazard review for the NMSZ. Indian Ocean TsunamisIndian Ocean Tsunamis Indian Ocean Tsunamis Deadly tsunamis triggered by earthquakes and volcanoes.

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