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Our Policies on Book Sales, Reviews, and Promotions

Books for sale in our store

Clarity for Authors and Publishers

Lots of authors, publishers and booksellers contact us about their books. They want to know if we will sell their book, promote their book, write a review about their book, publish a review that they provide, announce their new book, link to a page where their book is for sale, or link to a page where their book has been reviewed.

If you are an author, publisher or bookseller, please read the information below. It provides our firm answers about book sales, promotions, announcements and reviews.

Will You Sell My Book?

The Geology.com Store sells a variety of books on earth science topics. Our goal is to offer a range of books that will be successfully sold to visitors of our website who live in the United States. Through experience, we have found that books about advanced or very specific topics do not sell well to our visitors. This is because the overwhelming majority of our visitors are not geologists. For that reason, we sell mostly introductory-level books that appeal to the general public rather than advanced or specific topics for the geology profession.

All of the books in our store are purchased from distributors rather than from individual authors and publishers. This type of buying allows us to purchase the books of many publishers and authors in two or three large transactions per year. Purchasing the same number of items from individual publishers and authors would require dozens of small transactions. The cost of placing all of these orders and shipping small quantities would not be profitable.

So, for us to sell your book, it must first be available from a book distributor and then it must be the type of book that sells well to our visitors. We consider the offerings of several book distributors each year and select books that we believe will be good sellers.

Will You Review My Book?

A lot of great earth science books are written every year. We would love to be able to read many of them and write detailed reviews about them. Unfortunately there are not enough hours in a day for us to operate the website and review even a fraction of the new books that are published. So, we regret that we are unable to offer a book review service. We also do not believe that we should review books for a fee, or post ready-to-publish reviews that are offered to us.

Book Announcements and Promotions

We are unable to provide book announcements and promotions for the same reason that we are unable to offer book reviews. Our small staff is unable to fairly offer this service to the large number of new books that are published each year.

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