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Satellite Images of World Cities - Landsat GeoCover

Click on a thumbnail below to see a Landsat image of that city. These images are compiled using NASA's GeoCover data collected during Calendar Year 1999. We have selected and scaled them to show the city and its surrounding environment in an artistic view. (Note: images shown below differ in scale.)

Algiers, Algeria Amsterdam, Neth.
Athens, Greece

Baghdad, Iraq
Bangkok, Thailand Barcelona, Spain
Beijing, China
Berlin, Germany
Brussels, Belgium Buenos Aires, Arg.
Cairo, Egypt
Cancun, Mexico
Cape Town, S. Africa
Casablanca, Morocco
Changchun, China Chennai, India Delhi, India
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dubai, U. A. E.

Dublin, Ireland

Geneva, Switzerland

Guadalajara, Mexico
Hangzhou, China Hyderabad, India

Istanbul, Turkey
Jakarta, Indonesia
Karachi, Pakistan
Katowice, Poland
Kinshasa, D.R. Congo
Kolkata, India
Lagos, Nigeria London, U.K.
Madrid, Spain
Manila, Philippines Mexico City, Mexico
Milan, Italy
Montreal, Canada Moscow, Russia Mumbai, India Munich, Germany
Nairobi, Kenya
Osaka, Japan
Paris, France
Perth, Australia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cozumel, Mexico
Santiago, Chile

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Seoul, South Korea
Shanghai, China
Shenyang, China Stockholm, Sweden Sydney, Australia
Tehran, Iran
Tianjin, China

Tijuana, Mexico
Tokyo, Japan Toronto, Canada Vancouver, Canada

Venice, Italy

Vienna, Austria
Zurich, Switzerland
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