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Popular Oceanography Items

Who Owns The Arctic?
Who owns the Arctic?
Who Owns The Arctic? USGS estimates that 25% of all new oil & gas will be found in the Arctic.
Asphalt "Volcanoes"
Asphalt volcanoes
Asphalt "Volcanoes": Oil seeps built large asphalt "volcanoes" in the Santa Barbara Channel.
Tsunami Causes
Tsunami causes
What Causes a Tsunami? Learn how plate motions trigger earthquakes and tsunamis.
Sea Level Rise Map
Sea level map
Sea Level Rise Map: A Google map that shows where flooding will occur when sea level rises.
Deepest Ocean Trench
Mariana Trench map
Deepest Part of the Ocean: The Mariana Trench is the deepest point in Earth's oceans.
Large Bone Deposit
Largest marine bone deposit
The World's Richest and Most Extensive Marine Bone Deposit: How did this amazing bed form?
Draw Plate Tectonics
Earthquake teaching
Teaching Plate Tectonics with Easy-to-Draw Illustrations: Students love to draw. Take advantage of that in a draw-with-me lesson.
"We learn geology the morning after the earthquake."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Drilling To The Moho
mantle drilling
Drilling to Earth's Mantle: New drilling technology for the Moho.
Atlantic Tsunamis
Atlantic Ocean tsunami
Atlantic Ocean Tsunamis: Rare events that can cause damage and threaten millions of people.
Deepest Volcano
Deepest Volcano
Deepest Volcano: Erupting 4000 feet below the Pacific's surface.
Ocean Rifting On Land
Ethiopia rift
Ocean Rifting on Land: A new rift in Ethiopia is analogous to an ocean basin rift.
Submarine Volcano
Undersea volcano
Submarine Volcano: A study of the eruption, water chemistry and sea life.
What Are Stromatolites? Learn how they form. Will they be found in the rocks of Mars?
Pacific Tsunami Threat
Tsunami Map
Pacific Tsunami Threat: Alaska earthquakes can impact the Pacific Basin.
"Oil is found in the minds of men."
Wallace Pratt

Newest Oceanography Items

Arctic Ocean Seafloor
Arctic Ocean seafloor
Arctic Ocean Seafloor Map: The ridges, basins, shelves and rifts defining the Arctic seafloor.
Iron for Ocean Life
Hydrothermal Vents exhale tiny pyrite particles that are important sources of iron for ocean life.
Beach Landforms
Atlantic coastal erosion
Beach Landforms are described for the New England and Mid-Atlantic coasts.
Indian Ocean Tsunamis
Indian Ocean Tsunamis
Indian Ocean Tsunamis: Deadly tsunamis triggered by earthquakes and volcanoes.
Arctic Ocean Map
Arctic Ocean map
Arctic Ocean Map: A physical map of the Arctic Ocean.
Sand Photography
Sand grains
A Gallery of Sand: Sand from around the world photographed by Dr. Gary Greenberg.
Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean tsunami
Mediterranean Tsunamis: Sediment drilling finds four waves in 3500 years.
"The present is the key to the past."
Charles Lyell
Giant Seamounts
South Atlantic seamounts
Giant Seamounts are being mapped for the first time in the South Atlantic Ocean by Scripps.
Lö'ihi Seamount
Loihi Seamount
Lö'ihi Seamount is a submarine volcano that could become an island in the Hawaiian Chain.
Pacific Tsunamis
Pacific Ocean tsunami
Pacific Tsunamis: This ocean is surrounded by plate boundaries, that can produce tsunami.
Coastal Wetland Loss
coastal wetland loss
Most Coastal Wetlands will disappear this century under a rapid sea-level rise model.
Gulf Oil Spill
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Gulf Oil Spill: News stories, images and videos document the Deep Water Horizon spill.
Bathyscaphe Trieste
Bathyscaphe Trieste
Bathyscaphe Trieste: Diving to the deepest part of the ocean in 1960.
World Record Dive
Mariana Trench
Exploring the Mariana Trench: A robotic vehicle dives 6.8 miles down - a new world record!
"The best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks."
Herbert Harold Read

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