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Rose Quartz Gemstones

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a light pink to rose-red variety of common quartz. It can be transparent to translucent. It is usually found in massive form and less commonly found as crystals. The rose color has been attributed to microscopic inclusions of dumortierite and to titanium, iron or manganese impurities. It is considered a semi-precious stone and is often used in jewelry, carved into small sculptures or as a decorative stone in rough or polished form.

Rose Quartz Gemstones:

Rose quartz is commonly used as a gemstone. Its pink color and high polish make it very desirable material. Because rose quartz is quite common, all but the highest quality pieces are usually inexpensive. This contributes to its popularity in some markets. Rose quartz is often sold as a tumbled stone or cut into cabochons for use in earrings, pendants, rings, beads, necklaces and other jewelry items. Some rose quartz is transparent and cut as a faceted gemstone. Translucent stones are frequently carved into decorative or functional items.

Tumbled Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is a good tumbling rough for beginners or experienced tumblers. It is usually a solid material without voids that accepts a very high polish. It has a hardness of seven and tumbles well with other quartz materials, agates and jaspers. It is widely sold as a tumbling rough.

Rose Quartz Rough
Rose Quartz tumbling rough. © iStockphoto / Paula Cobleigh.

More About Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz occasionally has inclusions of fibrous minerals such as rutile. These inclusions cause it to produce a six-ray star when properly cut en cabochon. Rose quartz is sometimes sensitive to light. Its color can fade if exposed to bright sunlight for prolonged periods of time or its color can be enhanced if subjected to specific wavelengths. Rose quartz is sometimes sold under the name of “Bohemian Ruby”. It is not a ruby and the use of that name does not enhance its value.

Rose Quartz carved into an elephant
Rose quartz carved into the shape of an elephant. Public domain photo by Adrian Pingstone.
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Rose Quartz Gemstone
Tumble Rose Quartz gemstone. © iStockphoto / Arpad Benedek.

Translucent Rose Quartz
Translucent rose quartz rough. Photo by Ann Bryant and copyright by

Rose Quartz beads in a necklace
Rose quartz beads made into a necklace. Photo by Ann Bryant and copyright by

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