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Chrysoprase Gemstones

What is Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase is a name given to a translucent, deep green, apple-green to yellow-green chalcedony that is often used as a gemstone. Gem-quality chrysoprase with a rich green color is the most valuable stone in the chalcedony group. Chrysoprase is often found associated with nickel ore deposits and the deep green color is thought to be caused by small inclusions of nickel minerals dispersed through the stone.

Chrysoprase Gemstones:

Chrysoprase beads are very popular. Deep green chrysoprase beads make an elegant necklace. Chrysoprase is often cut en cabochon for use in rings, pendants, pins and earrings. It is also used to make small sculptures. Gem quality chrysoprase is one of the most expensive semi-precious stones.

Tumbled Chrysoprase:

Chrysoprase is not a frequently tumbled material. Rough chrysoprase suitable for tumbling is not often seen in the marketplace and the cost is usually quite high. As a variety of chalcedony, chrysoprase has a hardness of about 7 and tumbles well with other varieties of quartz, agate and jasper.

Rough Chrysoprase
Rough chrysoprase. Image ©

More About Chrysoprase:

The bright color of chrysoprase can be altered by prolonged exposure to sunlight or short exposure to heat. Stones that have had prolonged exposure to strong sunlight or heated while soldering jewelry have suffered color degradation.

The hardness and green color of chrysoprase sometimes results in its being misidentified as jade. Chrysoprase is also faked by dyeing common chalcedony. Be careful when buying gemstones. Buy from a trusted and knowledgeable vendor.

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A bright green chrysoprase cabochon. Image ©

Lemon Chrysoprase
This yellow-green chalcedony is known as lemon chrysoprase. Image ©

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