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Touting the Contribution of Geoscience to the Arizona Economy
June 29 | Arizona Geology Blog
Geoscience and Arizona
Revisiting Interactive GeoChemical and Mineralogic Maps for Soils of the U.S.
June 29 | Arizona Geology Blog
Arizona Geochemical Map
Copper in Soil at 0 to 5 cm depth.
Building a Statewide Inventory of Landslides in Arizona
June 29 | Arizona Geology Blog
Arizona Landslide Inventory
New Branch in Family Tree of Exoplanets Discovered
June 28 | Caltech

Wet and Stormy Weather Lashed the California Coast - 8200 Years Ago
June 28 | Vanderbilt University
Study Reveals America*s Most Flood-Vulnerable Communities
June 28 | National Science Foundation
flood waters
Robert Hazen on Studying *Deep Carbon*
June 28 | National Science Foundation
Distant Earthquakes Can Cause Underwater Landslides
June 18 | University of Washington
Sea Level Rise Isn*t Just Happening, It*s Getting Faster
June 28 | Bangor Daily News
Low Crude Prices Make Most Permian Basin Oil Wells Unprofitable
June 28 | Houston Chronicle

The Asian Summer Monsoon Launches Pollutants Around the Globe
June 28 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Meteorites Mix Moon*s Surface at Both Small and Large Scales
June 28 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
The Australian Government Invests in a Lithium Mine?
June 28 | Mining.com
Crude and Petroleum Product Exports Have Doubled Since 2010
June 27 | Energy Information Administration

Is Highway De-Icing *Salting* Our Aquifers?
June 27 | Water Underground
Xinmo: The Massive Landslide in Sichuan Province, China
June 27 | The Landslide Blog
Xinmo Landslide: An Update and Images
June 27 | The Landslide Blog
Lightning Sparking More Boreal Forest Fires
June 27 | NASA
The Earth*s Elastic Crust
June 27 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
NEW: Roadside Geology of Mississippi
June 27 | Geology.com
roadside geology of mississippi
Gulf of Mexico *Dead Zone* May Grow to the Size of New Jersey This Year
June 27 | Smithsonian.com
Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone
"These images show how ocean color changes from winter to summer in the Gulf of Mexico. Summertime satellite observations of ocean color from MODIS/Aqua show highly turbid waters which may include large blooms of phytoplankton extending from the mouth of the Mississippi River all the way to the Texas coast. When these blooms die and sink to the bottom, bacterial decomposition strips oxygen from the surrounding water, creating an environment very difficult for marine life to survive in. Reds and oranges represent high concentrations of phytoplankton and river sediment." Caption by NASA [source].

Scientists Uncover Origins of Dynamic Jets on Sun's Surface
June 27 | NASA on YouTube

Satellite Image: Fires Rage Near Lake Baikal
June 26 | NASA Earth Observatory
EQT Becomes America*s Biggest Natural Gas Producer
June 26 | Forbes
Meteorite Hunting In Skull Valley Utah
June 26 | Cody*sLab on YouTube

Meteorite Hunting and Finding the West, Texas Fireball
June 26 | Geology.com
meteorite hunting
Photograph by Geoffrey Notkin of Aerolite Meteorites.

Shale Legend Who Helped Build the Fourth-Biggest U.S.Driller Bets on a New $3.6 Billion Venture
June 26 | Bloomberg
Future Coal Production Depends on Resources and Technology, Not Just Policy Choices
June 26 | Energy Information Administration
Hundreds of People Enter Gold Mine in Tanzania
June 26 | Mining.com
China Shuns Indian Iron Ore in Favor of Higher Grade Ore from Australia
June 26 | Mining.com
Scientists Are Putting Tens of Thousands of Sea Fossils Online
June 25 | Smithsonian.com
Red Warning at Bogoslof Volcano
June 24 | Alaska Volcano Observatory
A series of as many as six explosive eruptive events occurred at Bogoslof between 16:49 AKDT, June 23 (00:49 UTC, June 24) and 00:44 AKDT, June 24 (8:44 UTC).
What is a Debris Flow?
June 24 | Geology.com
debris flow
Generalized diagram of a debris flow by the United States Geological Survey.

Incredible Debris Flow - 2010 Near Hyderabad, India
June 24 | YouTube

The first fifty seconds of this video shows the water being pushed at the front of the flow. At about 0:55, spectators on the opposite side of the stream can see the rocks coming and run for their lives!

More Details About the Greenland Landslide and Tsunami
June 24 | The Landslide Blog
More Than 120 Feared Buried as Landslide Destroys Village in Southwest China
June 24 | The Washington Post
Some Future U.S. LNG Shutdowns Likely
June 23 | Argus Media
New LNG projects are being built or planned in several parts of the world. There are several large projects in the United States and Australia. Enormous gas discoveries off Africa and South America are being considered. There might not be a market for all of this gas in the timeframe where these projects will come online.
Alrosa Discovers a 62 Carat Diamond at its Jubilee Pipe
June 23 | Mining.com
New! Roadside Geology Guide for Nevada
June 23 | Geology.com

Big Oil Turns to Big Data to Save Big Money on Drilling
June 23 | Reuters
Mars Rover Opportunity on Walkabout Near Rim
June 23 | NASA
U.S. Uranium Production, Prices, and Employment Fell in 2016
June 23 | Energy Information Administration
The Amazing Longevity of the Brown Bat
June 23 | Smithsonian.com

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photo of a little brown bat by Ann Froschauer [source].

Cave Dragons Exist and Saving Them Could by Key to Protecting Drinking Water
June 23 | Smithsonian.com
Cave Dragons and Other Troglobites
June 23 | Geology.com
M 6.8 - Another Large Earthquake on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala
June 22 | United States Geological Survey

Earthquake Trends in Oklahoma and Other States Likely Related to Wastewater Injection
June 22 | Energy Information Administration

The dramatic rise in earthquakes in the last seven years is probably not related to improved earthquake detection or a sudden increase in tectonic activity. It is most likely related to to an increase in the underground disposal of liquid waste.

Tropical Storm Cindy Shuts Down Gulf Oil and Gas
June 22 | Bloomberg
False Alarm: USGS Reports M 6.8 Earthquake 10 Miles Off the California Coast in Error
June 22 | The Washington Post
Some news sources, including the Los Angeles Times, immediately published automated stories about the earthquake to their websites. People around the world who subscribe to USGS earthquake notices and updates to the news websites thought that an actual earthquake had occurred. All of this was launched by accident when researchers edited a database containing information about a M 6.8 earthquake in the same location that occurred in 1925.
*Drilled-But-Uncompleted* Shale Wells Could Flood the Oil and Gas Market
June 22 | Bloomberg
US Crude Exports to Top 2MB/D in 2025
June 22 | ArgusMedia
World*s Top Coal Producer to Close 37 Mines
June 22 | Mining.com
Louisiana*s Barrier Islands: A Vanishing Resource
June 22 | United States Geological Survey
Tropical Storm Cindy Comes Ashore in Southwest Louisiana
June 22 | ABC News
The Future of Earth Looks Drier - But Just How Dry?
June 22 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Tropical Storm Cindy Could Cause *Life-Threatening Flooding* on the Gulf Coast
June 21 | NBC News
Current NOAA Track Map for Tropical Storm Cindy
June 21 | NOAA

Australian Expedition Dredges Up Crazy Creatures From the Deep Sea
June 21 | Smithsonian.com
Wildfires Light Up Portugal
June 21 | NASA Earth Observatory

Unconventional Oil and Gas Production Not Currently Affecting Drinking Water Quality
June 20 | United States Geological Survey

U.S. Refineries Running at Record-High Levels
June 20 | Energy Information Administration
Train Collides with Landslide Debris in Northfield, Vermont
June 20 | The Landslide Blog
Kepler Discovers 219 New Planets with 10 Near-Earth Size in Habitable Zones
June 20 | NASA

A Landslide-Induced Tsunami Hit Nuugaatsiaq, Greenland?
June 20 | The Landslide Blog

At Least 4 Feared Dead after Tsunami in Greenland
June 20 | CBC Radio Canada
De Beers: A New Ship to Explore for Seafloor Diamonds
June 20 | Mining.com
Renewables Generated Ten Percent of U.S. Energy in March
June 20 | Smithsonian.com
Helicopter Overflight: Kilauea Lava Delta
June 20 | BigIslandNow.com
Shedding Light on Intermittent Rainfall
June 20 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Searching for an Oil Sands Breakthrough
June 19 | Reuters
U.S. Rig Count at 933, Climbing for 22 Consecutive Weeks
June 19 | Houston Chronicle
Jupiter Could Be the Solar System*s Oldest Resident
June 19 | Smithsonian.com
Can Volcanic Gas Levels Predict an Eruption?
June 19 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Magma Stored Under Volcanoes Is Mostly Solid
June 18 | ScienceNews
Arizona is Renowned for Garnet Gemstones
June 18 | Tucson.com
Arizona Gemstones
June 18 | Geology.com

Gem Silica cabochons cut from material mined at the Inspiration Mine, Gila County, Arizona.

Volcanic Crystals Give a New View of Magma
June 18 | UCDavis.edu
Slow Earthquakes in Subduction Zones Shed Light on Tsunami Risk
June 18 | National Science Foundation
Climate Change Pushing Tropical Diseases Toward Arctic
June 17 | National Geographic
America*s Only Rare Earth Mine Sells to a Chinese Consortium
June 17 | Mining.com
Canadian Mining Companies Targeted in *Cyber-Extortion* Scheme
June 17 | Mining.com
A Natural Gas Hub in Appalachia?
June 17 | US News and World Report
Delay of a Rule to Limit Natural Gas Flaring at Drill Sites
June 17 | The Hill
Some companies use a business model that cuts costs by wasting gas. If they choose to do this perhaps they should pay the property owner his lost royalty share and governments their lost tax revenue. Perhaps they should pay a "pollution tax" too. These companies win by wasting a valuable resource and foisting losses onto others.
The Falling Proved Reserves of Major Oil Producers
June 17 | Houston Chronicle
First U.S. Floating LNG Export Facility Receives Approval to Export
June 17 | Energy Information Administration

Gulf Coast LNG Boom May Become a Bust for Some
June 16 | Houston Chronicle
What Is LNG?
June 16 | Geology.com

Oilsands Production to Rise by 500,000 BPD by 2019, Exceeded Only by U.S. Shale
June 16 | Financial Post

Regional Power Generation Trends - Coal vs. Natural Gas
June 16 | Energy Information Administration

Flood Basalts of the Pacific Northwest
June 16 | Central Washington University on YouTube

De Beers Has Turned Traditional Synthetic Diamond Detection Upside Down
June 16 | JCK
Cutting the *Arctic Sun* - The Largest Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond to Ever Come Out of North America
June 16 | JCK
Phytoplankton Have Turned the Bosphorus Strait a Stunning Turquoise
June 15 | National Public Radio
Where Is the Bosphorus Strait?
June 15 | Geology.com
The Bosphorus is a narrow natural channel that connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. It is also a physical feature that serves as part of the boundary between the continents of Europe and Asia.
Philippines: A Volcano on an Island within a Lake within an Island
June 15 | CNN
Taal is considered to be one of the world*s most dangerous volcanoes.
Five Dead After M 6.9 Earthquake in Guatemala
June 15 | ABC News
DOE Funds $6.9M in Projects to Extract Rare Earths from Coal
June 15 | Mining.com
Climate Change Cuts Climate Change Study Short
June 15 | Smithsonian.com
How Cassini Changed Our View of ... Saturn
June 15 | NASA

World Coal Production Falls Off a Cliff
June 14 | Mining.com
The Only Producing U.S. Rare Earths Mine Goes Up for Auction
June 14 | Mining.com
What Are Rare Earth Elements?
June 14 | Geology.com

M 6.9 Earthquake on Guatemala*s Pacific Coast
June 14 | United States Geological Survey

Gem Diamonds Finds Two 100-Plus Carat Premium-Color Stones
June 14 | Mining.com
Tanzania Accuses a Barrick Subsidiary of Illegal Mining
June 14 | Mining.com
Coking Coal Price is Slipping
June 13 | Mining.com
Who Owns Antarctica*s Oceans?
June 13 | Smithsonian.com
Map of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
June 13 | Geology.com

M 6.3 Earthquake in Eastern Aegean Sea
June 12 | USGS
Aegean Earthquake Shakes Greece and Turkey
June 12 | ABC News
Oil Company *Proved Reserves* Decline for Second Straight Year
June 12 | Energy Information Administration

The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change (free pdf)
June 12 | Paleontological Research Institution

USGS Funding Slashed 15% in Proposed Federal Budget
June 12 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Can Ocean Tides Be Powerful Indicators of Climate Change?
June 12 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
U.S. Racks Up Massive Natural Gas Trade Surplus With Mexico
June 12 | Forbes
The Natural Gas Boom Could Snarl Traffic at One of America*s Busiest Ports
June 12 | Bloomberg
The Oil Play That Could Flood the Natural-Gas Market
June 12 | Fox Business
Summer Gem and Mineral Shows
June 11 | The-Vug.com
Decomposing Leaves as a Source of Greenhouse Gases
June 11 | National Science Foundation
Six Conservation Groups Sue EPA for Suspending Rules to Cut Methane Pollution
June 11 | CNBC