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Dust Coats Copper River Valley
November 19 | NASA Earth Observatory

Mystery Quakes May Be Among World*s Longest-Lived Aftershocks
November 19 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Earthquakes in the Central Virginia Seismic Zone
November 19 | Geology.com

Two distinct seismic zones are located in Virginia: The Central Virginia Seismic Zone and the Giles County Seismic Zone. Both of these zones produce recurrent small earthquakes at least every few years. Map by USGS.

Vancouber Is the World*s Mining Capital
November 19 | Mining.com
Run-Ups of Unusual Size
November 19 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
A Tsunami With a Record Run-Up Height of 1720 Feet - Lituya Bay, Alaska, 1958
November 19 | Geology.com

Lituya Bay a few weeks after the 1958 tsunami. The areas of destroyed forest along the shorelines are clearly recognizable as the light areas rimming the bay. A fishing boat anchored in the cove at lower left was carried over the spit in the foreground; a boat under way near the entrance was sunk; and a third boat, anchored near the lower right, rode out the wave. Photo by D.J. Miller, United States Geological Survey.

Did the Mont-Blanc Glaciers Shrink Before?
November 19 | The French National Center for Scientific Research
Mapping Our Way Out of Disaster
November 19 | The French National Center for Scientific Research
France: Archaeologists Discover Over 2000 Medieval Gold and Silver Coins - and More
November 18 | The French National Center for Scientific Research
San Francisco*s Millennium Tower - Built on a Bad Foundation and Now Generating Law Suits
November 18 | CBS News
U.S. Weather Alert Systems Must Modernize, Say New Reports
November 18 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors is a Long-Term and Costly Process
November 18 | Energy Information Administration

Which Cities Will Flood as Ice Melts?
November 18 | BBC
Google Maps of Sea Level Rise
November 18 | Geology.com
Our Living Planet From Space
November 18 | NASA on YouTube

Descent into an Ice Cave Beneath Mt. Erebus, Antarctica
November 18 | NASA

New NASA Insights into the Secret Lives of Plants
November 18 | NASA
Valery Rozov Killed Base Jumping from 22,000 Feet in the Himalays
November 18 | The Washington Post
Russia Exports Most of Its Crude Production - Mainly to Europe
November 17 | Energy Information Administration

What*s a Supermoon and Just How Super Is It?
November 17 | NASA

Probing Magma Reservoirs to Improve Volcano Forecasts
November 17 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Satellite Image: Lake MacKay, Australia
November 17 | European Space Agency

Brown hills speckle the eastern part of Australia*s Lake MacKay.

Is *Peak Permian* Only Three Years Away?
November 17 | Mining.com
USGS Estimates 40 Million Pounds of Potential Uranium Resources in Parts of Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma
November 17 | United States Geological Survey

The uranium occurs in a type of rock formation called *calcrete,* which has been well-documented in noted uranium-producing countries like Australia and Namibia. The calcrete formations found in Texas are the first uranium-bearing calcrete deposits reported in the United States. Image and caption by USGS.

163-Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond Sells for $33.7 Million
November 17 | Mining.com
Lab-Grown Diamonds Become a Bandwagon
November 17 | JCKonline.com
Ink On Ancient Egyptian Papyri Contains Copper
November 16 | Mining.com
More Greenland Glaciers Threatened by Climate Change than Previously Thought
November 16 | American Geophysical Union
The Earliest Evidence of Wine Making - 8000 Years Ago in Georgia
November 16 | The Washington Post
Where Is Georgia?
November 16 | Geology.com
map of georgia
Shape of Lake Ontario Generates White-Out Blizzards
November 16 | National Science Foundation
Earth-Sized Planet Detected Just 11 Light Years Away
November 16 | Smithsonian.com
Leonid Meteor Shower Will Streak Through Skies This Weekend
November 16 | Smithsonian.com
What Causes Meteor Showers? ---- How to Observe One
November 16 | Geology.com

Simplified diagram of Earth approaching a comet*s dust trail. In this diagram you are looking down onto the Earth*s North Pole. Note how the morning side of Earth will plow into the dust but the evening side will be somewhat shielded. This is why there are often more visible meteors after midnight - you are then on the side of the Earth that is plowing into the dust.

What Is Sea Glass?
November 16 | RockTumbler.com
sea glass
A stack of beautiful blue and green "sea glass" that was naturally tumbled in the ocean by wave or current action. Notice how its surface has a "frosted glass" appearance and how the pieces have a curvature inherited from a glass container. The name "sea glass" is used for glass that has been naturally tumbled in the ocean. The name "beach glass" is used for glass that has been naturally tumbled along the shore of a lake or a river. These glasses are desired by collectors and often used for jewelry or craft projects. Photo by Jodie Coston and copyright by iStockphoto.

Restoring USGS Flood Monitoring in Puerto Rico
November 15 | United States Geological Survey

U.S. Geological Survey field crews in Puerto Rico are working to repair damage wrought by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, tracking the scope of storm floods, and documenting the new contours of rivers re-sculpted by floodwaters and mountains re-shaped by landslides

New Map of Worldwide Croplands Supports Food and Water Security
November 15 | United States Geological Survey

USGS Update of the M7.3 Halabjah Earthquake
November 15 | United States Geological Survey

USGS "did you feel it?" map for the Halabjah Earthquake.
Potential Landslides from the Recent M7.3 Halabjah Earthquake on Iraq - Iran Border
November 15 | The Landslide Blog
Increasing Drilling Efficiency by Increasing the Lateral Length of Horizontal Wells
November 15 | Argus Media
What is Horizontal Drilling?
November 15 | Geology.com
horizontal drilling
Directional drilling can be used to reach targets that cannot be drilled with a vertical well. For example, it may not be possible to get a drilling permit for a well located within a populated area. However, a well could be drilled just outside of the populated area and then steered directionally to hit the target.

Explore Horizontal Drilling in Eastern Ohio with a Google Map
November 15 | Geology.com
horizontal legs in Utica Wells of eastern Ohio
This map shows an example of the extremely high density of horizontal wells that have been drilled in the eastern Ohio portion of the Utica Shale.

NASA*s Mars 2020 Mission Performs First Supersonic Parachute Test
November 15 | NASA
Indonesia: Supply Route to the World*s Second Largest Copper Mine Is Closed After Shots Fired at Vehicle
November 14 | Mining.com
Yesterday we linked to a story about armed separatists occupying villages near Freeport-McMoRan*s Grasberg copper mine in Indonesia.
India*s Only Copper Miner Plans to Nearly Triple Production at Largest Mine
November 14 | Mining.com
Uses of Copper
November 14 | Geology.com
uses of copper
Statue of Liberty: In 1886, the Statue of Liberty represented the largest use of copper in a single structure. To build the statue, about 80 tons of copper sheet was cut and hammered to a thickness of about 2.3 millimeters (3/32 inch), or about that of two U.S. pennies placed together. Photo copyright iStockphoto / A. Harris.

CO2 Emissions From Coal Fell by Record Amount in 2015, Led by Texas and Midwest
November 14 | Energy Information Administration
energy-related coal emissions
Justice Department Pledges to Prosecute Activists Who Damage Pipelines
November 14 | Reuters
Alaska Lawmaker Sees $2B Income from Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
November 14 | Associated Press
As Oil Prices Rise, Global Majors Eye Mexico*s Deep Waters
November 14 | Bloomberg
Washington State Company Trying to Revive Shuttered Coal Mine
November 14 | Mining.com
Synthetic Diamond Bears Fake Inscription Matching Natural Report
November 14 | JCK Online
M4.7 Earthquake Near Salinas, Felt in San Francisco
November 13 | Los Angeles Times
San Andreas Fault Map - Zoom in for a Closer Look!
November 13 | Geology.com
San Andreas Fault map
Google Map of the San Andreas Fault: This map displays the approximate trace of the San Andreas Fault as a red line atop of a satellite image in the Google Maps program. Using the controls of the map, you can zoom in on the fault and follow it across California from where it is first noted near the Salton Sea in Southern California to where it turns into the Pacific Ocean north of San Francisco.

Earthquake in Costa Rica Kills Two
November 13 | The Costa Rica Star
M6.5 Earthquake Along Costa Rica*s Pacific Coast
November 13 | United States Geological Survey
Costa Rica Earthquake
Earthquake Near Iran-Iraq Border Kills 348, Injures 6,500
November 13 | NBC News
M7.2 Earthquake Near Iran-Iraq Border - Also Near the Boundary Between the Arabia and Eurasia Plates
November 13 | United States Geological Survey
USGS Has Eyes on the Coast - Video Cameras Help Forecast Coastal Change
November 13 | United States Geological Survey
video camera records coastal change
Video camera atop a hotel in Madeira Beach, Florida. USGS public domain image.

Armed Separatists Occupy Villages Near Freeport*s Grasberg Copper Mine in Indonesia
November 13 | Mining.com
Grasberg copper mine, Indonesia
Astronaut photo taken from the International Space Station in 2005. Click photo for NASA source page.

Haze Blankets Northern India
November 13 | NASA Earth Observatory
haze over Northern India
A map depicting aerosol optical depth, a measure of how airborne particles affect the reflection and absorption of light by the atmosphere. Red-brown colors indicate skies thick with aerosol pollution. Several major cities including Lahore, New Delhi, Lucknow, and Kanpur faced elevated levels of pollution.

Scientists Monitor the Rise and Fall of Lake Chad
November 13 | NASA Earth Observatory
Lake Chad satellite image
Experts Ponder Why Administration Released Tough Climate Report
November 13 | November 13
Atmospheric Particles Aren*t the Same Cloud Seeds They Once Were
November 13 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Free Printable Calendars
November 13 | WaterproofPaper.com (affiliated with geology.com)
December calendars
Russia Named as *Likely Source* of Europe Radioactivity Spike
November 12 | ABC News
Illegal Gold Mining Damage in the Peruvian Amazon
November 12 | CNN
A Few Months After Harvey, Houston*s Long Recovery Quietly Heads Inside
November 12 | The Washington Post
How The Boom-Bust Oil Cycle Is Playing Out In North Dakota
November 12 | National Public Radio
Chinese Investors Will Develop a $43B Natural Gas Project in Alaska
November 12 | Reuters
Morgan Stanley Raises Its Oil Price Forecast, Warns U.S. Shale May Struggle to Meet Demand
November 12 | CNBC
*Smart* Greenhouses that are Good for Plants, Generate Electricity and Save Water
November 12 | UC Santa Cruz on YouTube

27.85 Carat Pink Diamond Found at Alrosa*s Yakutia Deposit
November 12 | JCKonline.com

Which Countries Produce the Most Gem Diamonds?
November 12 | Geology.com
diamond production map
Countries with at least 50,000 carats of natural gem-quality diamond production in 2015. The map clearly shows that natural diamond production occurs in many parts of the world. Map by Geology.com and MapResources. Data from USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries.

Is Southern California Ready for a 7.8 Earthquake?
November 12 | CBS
San Andreas Fault Map - Zoom in for a Closer Look!
November 12 | Geology.com
san andreas fault
Google Map of the San Andreas Fault: This map displays the approximate trace of the San Andreas Fault as a red line atop of a satellite image in the Google Maps program. Using the controls of the map, you can zoom in on the fault and follow it across California from where it is first noted near the Salton Sea in Southern California to where it turns into the Pacific Ocean north of San Francisco.

Radioactive Cloud Over Europe Hints At Accident Farther East
November 11 | National Public Radio
How Will Climate Change Affect the United States in Decades to Come?
November 11 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Hydrocarbons at the Chicxulub Impact Site Helped Kill the Dinosaurs
November 11 | The New York Times
The Mocoa Debris Flow Disaster: Satellite Imagery Reveals the Cause
November 11 | The Landslide Blog
A Bill to Open Part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Oil and Gas Drilling
November 10 | The Hill
map of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Map by the United States Geological Survey.

Chinese Company Will Invest $83 Billion in West Virginia Shale
November 10 | Associated Press
Scientists Simulate New Mechanism of Fluid Flow in Earth*s Crust
November 10 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Puerto Rico*s Uncounted Hurricane Deaths
November 10 | CNN
Decoding the Mysteries of the Ross Ice Shelf
November 10 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Where Is the Ross Ice Shelf?
November 10 | Geology.com

Ross Ice Shelf is at 6:00.

Carbonado Diamond: A Review of Properties and Origin
November 10 | Gemological Institute of America
carbonado diamondite
Photo of three specimens of carbonado diamondite, ranging between 4 and 5 carats each. Creative Commons image by James St. John.

Did the First Americans Arrive Via A Kelp Highway?
November 10 | Discover
The Forgotten Women Scientists Who Fled the Holocaust for the United States
November 10 | Smithsonian.com
Dawn Explores Ceres* Interior Evolution
November 10 | NASA
Mapping the Magma Flow to Antarctica*s Most Active Volcano
November 10 | ABC News
Alrosa Finds Three Large Diamonds at the Jubilee Pipe
November 9 | Mining

A 108.34 carat diamond crystal from the Jubilee Pipe. Image by Alrosa.

The Contest for Ownership Stakes in the World*s Largest Lithium Miner
November 9 | Mining.com
Colorado Pays Financial and Environmental Costs for Inadequate Performance Assurance Bonds on Drilling
November 9 | Grand Junction Sentinel
Chevron Begins Development of Alberta*s Duvernay Shale
November 9 | Reuters
Evidence of Catastrophic Landsliding from Medieval Earthquakes in Nepal
November 9 | The Landslide Blog
Where Is Nepal?

At Least Four Killed as Mud Flow Hits Corinto, Colombia
November 9 | The Landslide Blog
Chinese Companies Agree to Develop LNG in Alaska
November 9 | Reuters
U.S. Drillers Pumped a Record 9.62 Million Barrels Per Day Last Week
November 9 | CNBC
Projected Growth in World Nuclear Electricity Capacity
November 8 | Energy Information Administration