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gem photos
100+ Gems - Photos of over 100 beautiful gems ranging from the popular to the obscure.
Asteroid Impact Map
Asteroid Impact Map: Explore fifty of the most obvious asteroid impact craters on Earth.
Ant Hill Garnets
Ant Hill Garnets - tiny garnets that ants haul to the surface and discard on their anthill.
US Diamond Mines
US Diamond Mines: Did you know that diamonds can be found in the United States?
Blood Diamonds
Blood Diamonds are illegally-traded diamonds that are often used to fund conflict.
Gold - An important metal for thousands of years - uses, prospecting, mining, production.
Largest Landslides
Largest Landslides - Heart Mountain and Storegga Slide are the largest known landslides.
volcanic explosivity index
Volcanic Explosivity: Learn about some of the most explosive volcanic eruptions.

Geology and Earth Science News
This Device Collects Water From the Clouds
March 30 | Smithsonian.com
Norway: The First Mile-Long Tunnel for Ships
March 30 | Smithsonian.com
What*s Driving Melting in Greenland?
March 30 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Exploring Our Changing Earth, in Real Time
March 30 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Coal Production Up in 2nd Half of 2016, But Still Below 2015 Levels
March 30 | Energy Information Administration
What*s Really Behind the Recent U.S. Oil Production Boom?
March 30 | CNBC
Using Oil Well DNA to Inform Exploration and Production ?
March 30 | Reuters
Pennsylvania Approves Wells for Injection Disposal of Fracking Wastewater
March 30 | Philly.com
The U.S. Is About to Become a Net Exporter of Natural Gas
March 30 | Reuters
WATCH: Unstable Ground: The Story of the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake
March 29 | KTUU.com
New Search Engine for the NASA Digital Media Library
March 29 | Space.com
Preparing for Tsunami Hazards on Washington*s Pacific Coast
March 29 | United States Geological Survey
Helping Desert Communities Find Hidden Water
March 29 | United States Geological Survey
Three Storm Chasers Killed Near Lubbock
March 29 | CBS Local
Dinosaur Footprint May Be Largest Ever Discovered
March 29 | CBS News
Creating Heat Maps of Earthquakes
March 29 | Lamont Doherty
Tully Monster Mystery Continues to Perplex Scientists
March 29 | The Columbus Dispatch
NuSTAR Probes Puzzling Galaxy Merger
March 29 | NASA
The World*s Largest Collection of Fluorescent Rocks
March 29 | Smithsonian.com
What Are Fluorescent Minerals?
March 29 | Geology.com
U.S. Crude Oil Exports Went to More Destinations in 2016
March 28 | Energy Information Administration
A Russian Volcano Just Erupted for the First Time in Centuries
March 28 | Wired Science
Video: Flying Through the Southern Aurora
March 28 | CBS News
Mexico Sees Its First International Offshore Drilling Success
March 28 | OilPrice.com
Largest-Known Dinosaur Footprint Discovered in Western Australia
March 28 | Smithsonian.com
Video: Exploring Earth's Changing Ice Sheets
March 28 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Under the Dead Sea, Warnings of Dire Drought
March 28 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
White Cliffs of Dover Are Eroding 10x Faster
March 28 | Phys.org
Early Spring Thaw Triggers Arctic Greenhouse Gas Release
March 28 | EarthMagazine
Tracking Volcanic Bombs in Three Dimensions
March 28 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Satellite Image: Heavy Ash Plume from Kambalny (eastern Russia)
March 28 | NASA Earth Observatory
Tiny Bacterium Provides Window into Whole Ecosystems
March 28 | MIT News
Growing Global Liquefied Natural Gas Trade Could Support Market Hub Development in Asia
March 27 | Energy Information Administration
New Boulder County Oil and Gas Rules Subject Drillers to *Disruption Payments*
March 27 | Denver Post
Drilling Rigs Mixing into the Denver Suburbs
March 27 | Denver Post
Halliburton Adding 2000 U.S. Jobs
March 27 | FuelFix
Assessing How Well Earthquake Hazard Maps Work
March 27 | EarthMagazine
Saving Mongolia*s Dinosaurs and Inspiring the Next Generation of Paleontologists
March 27 | EarthMagazine
Ohio: Sources of Water for Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids
March 27 | Ohio EPA
Keystone Will Make US and Canada Bigger Competitors with OPEC
March 27 | CNBC
A Natural Gas Reemergence in the Haynesville Shale
March 27 | Forbes
AGI Releases *Faces of Earth* on YouTube
March 26 | American Geosciences Institute
The Changing Freshwater Carbon Cycle
March 26 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Explaining Why Some Paleomagnetic Results Fail
March 26 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
BP Orders Construction for New Subsea Production System
March 26 | United Press International
Major Shake-Up Suggests Dinosaurs May Have *UK Origin*
March 26 | BBC
Sapphires from the Gem Rush Bemainty area, Ambatondrazaka (Madagascar)
March 26 | Gemological Institute of America
An In-Depth Gemological Study of Blue Sapphires from the Baw Mar Mine (Mogok, Myanmar)
March 25 | Gemological Institute of America
Newport-Inglewood Fault More Dangerous Than Experts Believed
March 25 | Los Angeles Times
Australia Issues Gems on Postage Stamps
March 25 | myGC.com.au
Small Explosion Detected at Cleveland Volcano
March 25 | KTVA
Mount Cleveland: Maps, Photos, Eruption, Plate Tectonics
March 25 | Geology.com
There*s Almost Zero Rationale for Arctic Oil Exploration
March 24 | CNBC
Thousands of Wells *Drilled But Not Completed*
March 24 | Reuters
Trump Administration Approves Keystone XL Pipeline
March 24 | Associated Press
U.S. Oil Exports Increased 12% in 2016
March 24 | FuelFix
Fog and Dew Keep Africa*s Namib Desert Ecosystem Going
March 24 | National Science Foundation
Saudi Exports to U.S. to Fall by 300,000 BPD in March
March 24 | Reuters
Lake Erie Ice Volcanoes Are Back
March 24 | The Buffalo News
How A.I. Captured a Volcano*s Changing Lava Lake
March 24 | NASA
Study of Complex 2016 Quake May Alter Hazard Models
March 24 | NASA
Coal Mine in Germany Turns into Hydroelectric Battery
March 24 | Mining.com
Mapping the Topographic Fingerprints of Humanity Across Earth
March 24 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
Big Oil*s Plan to Buy Into the Shale Boom
March 24 | Bloomberg
Frozen Splendor: Gems and Minerals Near the Arctic Region
March 24 | Gemological Institute of America
Space Station View of Mount Etna Erupting at Night
March 23 | NASA
Big L.A. Earthquake Could Cause Beach Areas to Sink Up to 3 Feet in Seconds
March 23 | Los Angeles Times
Ice in Ceres* Shadowed Craters Linked to Tilt History
March 23 | NASA
Why Scientists Are So Excited About This Solar Eclipse
March 23 | NBC News
An Asteroid Hunter Explains How She Is Protecting Earth from a Killer Space Rock
March 23 | The Washington Post
Dust Obscures the Red Sea
March 23 | NASA Earth Observatory
Illegal Mining is Latin America*s New Cocaine
March 23 | Mining.com
Record Precipitation, Snowpack in California Expected to Increase Hydro Generation in 2017
March 22 | Energy Information Administration
Dam Building in an Area of Ancient Landslides
March 22 | The Landslide Blog
The Worst Garbage Dump Landslide in Recent History
March 22 | The Landslide Blog
Building the First Unmanned Offshore Production Rig
March 22 | FuelFix
Underwater Pipeline Leaking Gas in Cook Inlet, Alaska
March 22 | Associated Press
Pastor Finds $5M Diamond in Sierra Leone
March 22 | Anadolu Agency
Where is Sierra Leone?
March 22 | Geology.com
Estimates of Emissions from Natural Gas-Fueled Plants Much Too Low
March 22 | Purdue University
Penn State Royalty Calculator and Decline Curve Web App
March 22 | Penn State
The Many Faces of Rosetta*s Comet 67P
March 22 | NASA
Takeover Bidding for Dominion Diamond?
March 22 | Mining.com
Royal Dutch Shell is Drilling Shale in the Utica, Montney and Vaca Muerta
March 22 | FuelFix
United Arab Emirates Oil and Gas Report
March 21 | Energy Information Administration
U.S. Biomass-Based Diesel Imports Increase 65%, Set New Record in 2016
March 21 | Energy Information Administration
Glacial Outburst Flood near Mount Everest Caught on Video
March 21 | EOS Earth & Space Science News
AGI: Geoscience Policy Recommendations for the New Administration and the 115th Congress
March 21 | American Geosciences Institute
Does Mars Have Rings? Not Right Now, But Maybe One Day
March 21 | NASA
Mars Volcano, Earth*s Dinosaurs Went Extinct About the Same Time
March 21 | NASA
Exploring the San Francisco Volcanic Field - A StoryMap Approach
March 21 | Arizona Geological Survey
Teenager Finds 7th Largest Diamond Since 1972 at Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas
March 21 | Crater of Diamonds State Park
The Only Diamond Mine In the World Where You Can Be the Miner
March 21 | Geology.com
Rig Count Up for Nine Straight Weeks
March 21 | Reuters
Alberta Oil Sands Production Expected to Be Up in 2017
March 21 | CBC News
The Demand for Oil Field Tubular Products Is Up
March 21 | Houston Chronicle
American Shale Gas Selling at Record Prices to Overseas Buyers
March 21 | Bloomberg
Italian Eni Energy Wants to Drill North of Alaska
March 20 | Bloomberg
Who Is Buying U.S. LNG?
March 20 | ArgusMedia
Rising Exports Draw Down Near-Record Propane Inventories
March 20 | Energy Information Administration
The Lifesaving Potential of Underwater Earthquake Monitors
March 20 | The Atlantic
Solar System Could Have Over 100 Planets With New Criteria
March 20 | The Space Reporter
California Has a $383M Plan for the Shrinking Salton Sea
March 20 | The Desert Sun
Natural Gas Prices Could Plunge Below $2 Again
March 19 | OilPrice.com
Is The Constantly Changing Natural Gas Market About To Change Again?
March 19 | Forbes
Is Mineral Exploration Spending Finally Increasing in Australia?
March 19 | Mining.com
Bioluminescent Algae Produce a Blue Glow Along Beaches in Tasmania
March 19 | CBS News
Death Toll Rises to 72 in Peru Rains, Flooding, Mudslides
March 19 | ABC News
The Two Warmest Februaries on Earth Since 1880 Have Occurred the Past Two Years
March 18 | Weather.com
Can This Mud Volcano Predict Eruptions at Nearby Mount Etna?
March 18 | National Geographic
NASA Satellite Identifies Global Ammonia *Hotspots*
March 18 | NASA
Snow Blankets Northeastern U.S.
March 17 | NASA Earth Observatory
Formed by Megafloods, This Place Fooled Scientists for Decades
March 17 | National Geographic
Melting Sea Ice May Be Speeding Nature*s Clock in the Arctic
March 17 | University of California, Davis
Ten Injured in Explosion on Etna Volcano
March 17 | Associated Press
U.S. Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 2015
March 17 | Energy Information Administration
Inclusions in Natural, Synthetic, and Treated Emerald
March 17 | Gemological Institute of America
What are Emeralds?
March 17 | Geology.com
Exhibit Photo: Fluorescent Sphalerite from the Horn Silver Mine in Utah
March 17 | Polman Minerals
What is a Fluorescent Mineral?
March 17 | Geology.com
U.S. Ethanol Exports Rise 26% in 2016
March 16 | Energy Information Administration
Slower Snowmelt in a Warming World
March 16 | University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Taking Earth*s Inner Temperature
March 16 | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Predicting Red Tides
March 16 | Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Experiments Show Titan Lakes May Fizz with Nitrogen
March 16 | NASA
GRACE Mission: 15 Years of Watching Water on Earth
March 16 | NASA
Caught On Film for the First Time: One of the World*s Rarest Whales
March 15 | The Washington Post
What Are Agate, Jasper and Chalcedony?
March 15 | RockTumbler.com (affiliated with Geology.com)
U.S. Shale Oil Output to Soar in April
March 15 | Reuters
Baker Hughes Introduces *Smart* Drill Bit
March 15 | FuelFix
Graphene: The Game-Changing Material of the Future
March 15 | Mining.com
One of the Highest-Resolution Maps of Dark Matter Ever Created
March 15 | Yale News
Underwater Mountains Help Ocean Water Rise From Abyss
March 15 | MIT News
Sea Level Rise Averaging 1/2 Inch Per Year in Westernmost Louisiana
March 15 | National Science Foundation
Majors Exiting Canada*s Oil Sands Acting in Own Interest
March 15 | Reuters