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NASA Shows New Tongan Island Made of Tuff Stuff, Likely to Persist Years
December 13 | NASA
What is Tuff?
December 13 |
Tuff is an igneous rock that contains the debris from an explosive volcanic eruption. It often contains fragments of bedrock, tephra, and volcanic ash. The specimen shown here is about two inches (five centimeters) across.

In France: Macron Holds a Climate Summit
December 13 | The New York Times
Arctic Report Card: Permafrost Thawing at a Faster Pace
December 13 | ABC News
Allen Bondurant measuring the depth to permafrost along a thermokarst lake shore. Public domain image by Benjamin Jones, USGS, Alaska Science Center.

Arctic Report Card 2017: Ice Cover Is Shrinking Faster Compared With Prior 1500 Years
December 13 | Union of Concerned Scientists
Arctic Ocean Map and Bathymetric Chart
December 13 |
2018 Free Printable Calendars
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January 2018 Calendar
What We Know About Medicanes (Hurricanes in the Mediterranean)
December 13 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
hurricane in the Mediterranean
Expanding Proppants to Extend the Fracture Network?
December 13 |
What is Frac Sand?
December 13 |
frac sand
Close-up view of frac sand (on the right) and a typical sand of similar grain size (on the left). Notice how the frac sand has a more uniform grain size, nicely rounded grain shapes, and a uniform composition. It is also a very tough material that can resist compressive forces of up to several tons per square inch. Grains in this image are about 0.50 millimeter in size. Photo copyright by iStockphoto and BanksPhotos.

Two-Thirds of Pennsylvania Gas Production is From Four Counties
December 13 | Platts
Susquehanna and Bradford, in the dry gas northeastern region, and Washington and Greene in the liquids-rich southwestern region, comprised two-thirds of statewide production in the first three quarters of 2017.
Permian Production Expected to Exceed Pipeline Capacity
December 13 | MRT
De Beers Steps Up Efforts to Remove *Conflict Diamonds* from the Market
December 12 |
What Are *Conflict Diamonds*?
December 12 |
conflict diamonds
Worker hand-processes stream gravels of a placer deposit in search of diamonds. Image by

What Are Mineraloids?
December 12 |
Common opal is a mineraloid. It is an amorphous silica with a chemical composition of SiO2.nH2O. It has a conchoidal fracture that is characteristic of an amorphous glass.

China*s November Natural Gas Imports Hit Record, Crude Shipments Rebound
December 12 | Reuters
Where Is All That Carbon Dioxide Going?
December 12 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
A Proposal to Create Natural-Gas Storage in NorthCentral Pennsylvania Through Nuclear Detonation
December 12 | Pennsylvania Geology
See page 3 of the pdf document. This proposal was from 50 years ago!
Juno Probes the Depths of Jupiter*s Great Red Spot
December 12 | NASA

Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions Decreased in Most States from 2005 to 2015
December 11 | Energy Information Administration

U.S. Shale Cautious As Oil Majors Invade Texas
December 11 |
New Tax Bill Might Throttle Renewable Energy
December 11 | The New York Times
New Aboriginal Bauxite Mine Opens in Australia
December 11 |
What is Bauxite?
December 11 |
Bauxite specimen from Demerara, Guyana approximately 4 inches (10 centimeters) across.

Long Horizontal Wells Make Pumping Oil Harder
December 11 | Bloomberg
Exploring the Restless Floor of Yellowstone Lake
December 11 | EOS Earth and Space Science News

Examining our Eyes in the Sky
December 11 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Massive Oyu Tolgoi Mine Expected to Double Gold Production in 2018
December 11 |
The Many Uses of Gold
December 11 |
gold in jewelry
Jewelry production is the leading use of gold. Image copyright by iStockphoto and Angelo Marcantonio.

Little Foot, the Most Complete Australopithecus Fossil, Goes on Display
December 11 |
What Makes a Dinosaur a Dinosaur?
December 10 |
Governor Brown: California Faces a *New Normal* of Intense Wildfires
December 10 | NBC News
Exact Moonlight Measurements Could Aid Earth-Observing Missions
December 10 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Video: New Jersey Police Dashcam Records a Fireball
December 10 |

After New Wildfires, Why Would Anyone Live in California?
December 9 | NBC News
What*s Sparking the California Wildfires?
December 9 | ABC News
Google Takes Heat for Bad Information About Mount Agung Eruption
December 9 | SEO Round Table
BLM Will Delay Implementation of a Rule Limiting Methane Flaring on Public Lands
December 9 | Reuters
The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port to Service Supertankers in 2018
December 9 | Bloomberg
Rutgers Study Suggests: Mass of Warm Rock Rising Beneath New England
December 9 | Rutgers University
Song of the Red Rock Arches
December 9 | National Science Foundation

Geoscientist Jeff Moore of the University of Utah uses recordings of the vibrations to study the arches' structural stability.

Roadside Geology of Utah
December 9 | Store

by Felicie Williams, Lucy Chronic, and Halka Chronic. Learn about the Geology of Utah with maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 370 pages that are packed with detailed information about Utah Geology. See table of contents.

Forecasting Space Weather to Protect the Power Grid, Pipelines, Satellites and More
December 9 | National Science Foundation
space weather
It's Snowing in South Texas! Yes, You Read That Right
December 8 | CNN
Searching for Organic Carbon in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica
December 8 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline Project Between the Permian and the Gulf Coast
December 8 | Energy Information Administration

Scientists Discover Ancient Black Hole From the Dawn of the Universe
December 8 |
Seismic Patterns Help Forecast Eruptions from Quiet Stratovolcanoes
December 8 | Earth Magazine
Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI)
December 8 |

The spheres in the illustration above represent the volume of erupted tephra for some of the most widely-known explosive volcanic eruptions. Although most people believe that Vesuvius (79 AD - the Pompeii eruption), Mount St. Helens (1980), and Mount Pinatubo (1991) were enormous, they are very small compared to ancient eruptions such as Wah Wah Springs, Toba, Yellowstone, or Long Valley Caldera.

Lead Poisoning Lurks in Scores of New York Neighborhoods
December 8 | Reuters

This article also has an interactive map covering much of the U.S. - showing the percentage of children with elevated lead levels in their blood per census district. Lead exposure can sometimes be traced to a geologic source, such as soil and well-water. Go straight to the interactive map.

Greenland Melt Speeds East Coast Sea Level Rise
December 8 | NASA
33 Countries with Land Below Sea Level
December 8 |

Ocean Sediments off Pacific Coast May Feed Tsunami Danger
December 8 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
The Way We Were: Climate and Human Evolution
December 7 | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas Exports Have Increased as New Facilities Come Online
December 7 | Energy Information Administration

The Role of Wind-Blown Dust in Delivering Nutrients to Mountain Ecosystems
December 7 | National Science Foundation
Where the Puerto Rico Recovery Stands - Ten Weeks After Hurricane Maria
December 7 | PBS NEWSHOUR
California State Wildfire Map
December 7 | Cal Fire
Near-Perfect CZ Copies of the Hope Diamond
December 7 |
Satellite Image: Santa Ana Winds in California Help Flame Huge Firestorm
December 7 | NASA

Found: Most Distant Black Hole
December 7 | NASA
Appalachia Drives Growth in U.S. Natural Gas Production Since 2012
December 7 | Energy Information Administration

Utica Shale - The Natural Gas Giant Below the Marcellus
December 7 |
Utica Shale
The cross section above shows the subsurface position of the Marcellus Shale, Utica Shale and the continental basement rock. The line of cross section is shown as line A-B on the inset map. Note that the Utica Shale is about 2000 feet below the Marcellus under eastern Ohio but about 6000 feet below the Marcellus in south-central Pennsylvania. Also note that the Marcellus Shale potential source rock does not extend as far into Ohio as the Utica.

A New Pipeline to Carry West Texas Crude to Gulf Coast Oil Terminals and Refineries
December 7 | MRT
Lead Lurking in U.S. Water Supplies
December 6 | Earth Magazine
The Diverse Geology, Landscapes and Whiskys of Scotland*s Southwestern Islands
December 6 | Earth Magazine
Changing Expectations on Diamond Traceability
December 6 | De Beers Group
Which Countries Produce the Most Gem Diamonds?
December 6 |
diamond producing countries
Estimated production levels for countries mining at least one million carats of gem-quality diamonds in 2016. Graph by Data from USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries.

Peace Diamond Sells for $6.5M
December 6 | JCK Online
I was surprised to see, at the bottom of this article, that 59% of the proceeds will be paid as taxes to the Sierra Leone government.
Strong Santa Ana Winds Expected to Continue Fueling Southern California Fires
December 6 | ABC News
Geminid Meteor Shower Will Blaze Across Skies Next Week
December 6 |
How to Observe Meteor Showers
December 6 |
Pennsylvania*s Natural Gas Production Reaches New Highs
December 6 | Energy Information Administration
Pennsylvania natural gas production at new highs
USGS on Wildfires
December 5 | United States Geological Survey
Map of the M4.1 Earthquake Near Dover, Delaware
December 5 | United States Geological Survey
Dover, Delaware earthquake
Can a Fossil Footprint Reveal the Weight of a Dinosaur?
December 5 | Earth Magazine
Rio Tinto Aims for an *Intelligent* Iron Ore Mine in Australia
December 5 |
Kazakh Supply Shock Expected to Jolt Uranium Prices
December 5 |
Where is Kazakhstan?
December 5 |

Natural Gas Power Generation Share Grew in the South for a Decade as Coal Declined
December 5 | Energy Information Administration
natural gas power share in southern states
*Out of Control* Southern California Fire Explodes Overnight, Forcing Thousands to Flee
December 5 | The Washington Post
Colombian Emerald Industry: Winds of Change
December 4 | Gemological Institute of America
What Are Emeralds?
December 4 |
Emeralds in a calcite and shale matrix from the Coscuez Mine, Muzo, Colombia. The well-formed crystal with an attractive bluish-green color is about 1.1 centimeters tall. Specimen and photo by Arkenstone /

Kimberlite Deposit in Nunavut Twice as Deep as Previously Estimated
December 4 |
In Germany*s Appalachia, the Last Coal Mine Is Closing
December 4 |
Pressured for Profit, Oil Majors Bet Big on Shale Technology
December 4 | Reuters
OPEC Just Did American Shale Drillers a Big Favor
December 4 | Bloomberg
Ice Caves atop a Volcano Give Taste of Otherworldly Science
December 3 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Natural Gas Production Accelerating in the Bakken
December 3 | United Press International
Rising Seas Could Submerge the Oldest English Settlement in the Americas
December 3 | Live Science
Interactive Google Map of Sea Level Rise
December 3 |
sea level rise map for San Francisco area
A sea level rise map of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento Delta area showing the extent of flooding with a three meter rise in sea level. This map was prepared using the Google sea level rise map above created by Alex Tingle of

Canadian Diamond Discoveries Could Close a Pending Supply Gap
December 3 |
Diamond Mines in Canada
December 3 |
Canadian Diamonds
A map of Canadian diamond mines showing the approximate location of eight mines. Map by and MapResources.

The United States as a Net Exporter of Gasoline
December 3 | United Press International
Canada Court Backs Need to Consult Aboriginals on Projects in Areas Governed by Treaties
December 2 |
Mining Salaries Ranked for Geologists, Metallurgists and the C-Suite
December 2 |
A New Model Yields a Better Picture of Methane Fluxes
December 2 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Zircon Dates for the Elusive Eocene and Oligocene Boundary
December 2 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
What Is Zircon?
December 2 |
zircon crystals
Some zircon crystals contains trace amounts of uranium and thorium - which can be used to estimate their age. Public domain image by USGS.

Free Printable 2018 Calendars
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