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Atlantic Governors Seek Continued Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Ban
August 22 | Bloomberg
Ancient Earth*s Hot Interior Created a *Graveyard* of Continental Slabs
August 22 | MIT News

Image by MIT News.

Canadian Oil Sands Producers on a Roller Coaster
August 22 | Reuters
Foreign Demand for Permian Basin Oil Is Booming
August 22 | Houston Chronicle
Mexico Opens the Shale-Rich Burgos Basin to Non-State Entity Investments
August 22 | Energy Information Administration
BHP Is Exiting Oil and Gas
August 22 | Mining.com
What to Do with Your Used Eclipse Glasses?
August 22 | Smithsonian.com
Eclipse Photos from Across the USA
August 22 | Smithsonian.com
solar eclipse
Johnson and Johnson Ordered to Pay $417M In Talcum Powder Verdict
August 22 | ABC News
Uses of Talc in the United States
August 22 | Geology.com
uses of talc
Talc is used as a filler, coating, pigment, dusting agent and extender in plastics, ceramics, paint, paper, cosmetics, roofing, rubber and many other products. Data from the United States Geological Survey, graphic by Geology.com.

Italy: Earthquake Kills One, Several Trapped in Debris
August 22 | CBS News
World*s Largest Solar Telescope Being Built in Hawaii
August 21 | National Science Foundation

On Hawaii*s island of Maui, on the summit of Haleakala volcano, a huge solar telescope is being built. The telescope, called the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST), will take advantage of Hawaii*s clear coronal skies to study the outer atmosphere of our sun. Image by NSO/AURA/NSF.

Natural Gas-Fired Electricity Conversion Efficiency Grows as Coal Remains Stable
August 21 | Energy Information Administration
coal vs natural gas electricity generation
New Owner Will Try to Operate Alaska*s Umiat Oil Field Despite Severe Environment, Isolation and Risk
August 21 | Alsaka Dispatch News
Geology of the Lomonosov Diamond Deposit, Northwestern Russia
August 21 | Gemological Institute of America
New USGS Plan Can Help Make Subduction Zone Areas More Resilient
August 21 | United States Geological Survey

Point and Click to Track Wildfire Activity in the United States
August 21 | United States Geological Survey

How to Find an Iceberg*s Breaking Point
August 21 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Greenland Fires Ignite Climate Change Fears
August 21 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
When Will Mexico Start To Frack For Natural Gas?
August 21 | Forbes
U.S. Natural Gas Market Sees Big Benefits From NAFTA
August 21 | Bloomberg
Will Shale Oil Ever Make Money?
August 21 | Journal of Petroleum Engineers
Pullback in U.S. Frac Sand Use Pressures Producers
August 20 | Reuters
What is Frac Sand?
August 20 | Geology.com

Aerial view of a frac sand processing facility in Wisconsin. Photo copyright by iStockphoto / BanksPhotos.

Interview with Kate Hutton, Staff Seismologist, California Institute of Technology
August 20 | Bakersfield.com
Proposed Changes to Myanmar Gemstone Laws will Give Access to Artisanal Miners
August 20 | Myanmar Times
A Gold Mine in Bulgaria?
August 20 | Mining
Where Is Bulgaria?

Geoscience Professors Are Gearing Up for Fall Semester
August 20 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
What Will Happen If You Look at the Eclipse WIthout Proper Glasses
August 20 | Quartz
A Photographer Shows What Happens If You Try to Shoot the Eclipse Without a Proper Filter
August 20 | The Verge
A Closer Look at an Undersea Source of Alaskan Earthquakes
August 20 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Fracking Jobs Prove Elusive for Coal Miners Looking to Switch
August 19 | Bloomberg
USS Indianapolis Discovered 18,000 Feet Below the Pacific
August 19 | CNN
De Beers Not Participating in GIA*s Mine-to-Market Program
August 19 | JCKonline.com
Small Towns Brace for Historic Eclipse Crowds
August 19 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Four Tropical Systems Active and Hurricane Season Has Not Hit Its Peak Yet
August 18 | Miami Herald

Female Geoscience Faculty Representation Grew Steadily Between 2006-2016
August 18 | American Geosciences Institute
This New Mexico Petroglyph Might Reveal an Ancient Solar Eclipse
August 18 | Smithsonian.com
What Are Petroglyphs?
August 18 | Geology.com
Mexico Deregulates Natural Gas Prices
August 18 | Energy Information Administration
China to Ban Primary Mercury Mining by 2032
August 18 | Mining.com
The Myth Of Natural Gas As A Bridging Fuel
August 18 | Forbes
This Is What The End Of Shale Will Look Like
August 18 | Forbes
Scientists Improve Forecast of Increasing Hazard on Ecuadorian Volcano
August 18 | University of Miami
Record-Breaking Smoke Over Canada
August 18 | NASA Earth Observatory

Aerosol index maps by NASA Earth Observatory.

Jupiter Storm of the High North
August 18 | NASA

A dynamic storm at the southern edge of Jupiter's northern polar region. Image by NASA.

High Strength Alloys for the Extreme Temperatures and Pressures of Deep Drilling
August 17 | World Oil
Manufacturers Urge DOE to Throttle LNG Exports
August 17 | Houston Chronicle
Recent Gulf of Mexico Offshore Block Auction Suggests Rising Interest in the Gulf
August 17 | Reuters
Zinc Prices Hit Decade-High
August 17 | Mining.com
A Gold Rush in Nicaragua
August 17 | Mining.com

UK*s Geology Unlikely to Support Fracking
August 17 | Heriot Watt University
Big Sky Country Sapphire: Visiting Montana*s Alluvial Deposits
August 17 | Gemological Institute of America
Laser Mapping Project Shows Effects of Physical Changes in Antarctica*s Dry Valleys
August 17 | National Science Foundation

The Canada Glacier in the McMurdo Dry Valleys. Photo by David Haney, National Science Foundation.

What It Takes to Recover From Drought
August 17 | The University of Utah

New Plate Adds Plot Twist to Ancient Tectonic Tale
August 17 | Rice University
These Five Diamonds Are All Cut from the Same Piece of Rough
August 16 | JCK Online

Photo of the 179-carat rough used to cut five spectacular diamonds. Photo by Alrosa.

Mining Returns to One of the Biggest Drivers of the U.S. Economy
August 17 | Mining.com
Breakneck U.S. Drilling Creates *Industrial Inventory* of Untapped Wells Waiting to Flow
August 16 | Houston Chronicle
A Sulfur-Rich Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia in 1257 Cooled Northern Europe for Years
August 16 | The Columbus Dispatch
Electric Blue Sulfur Flames at Kawah Ijen Volcano, Indonesia
August 16 | Geo
blue sulfur flames
Blue sulfur flames at the Solfatara of Indonesia*s Kawah Ijen Volcano. Image copyright by iStockphoto and mazzzur.

Cassini Begins Final Five Orbits Around Saturn
August 16 | NASA

Artist*s rendering shows Cassini as the spacecraft makes one of its final five dives through Saturn*s upper atmosphere. NASA image.

Illinois State University Field Camp Receives Excellence Award
August 16 | Illinois State University
Geology Field Courses by 80 Universities
August 16 | Geology.com
geology field courses
What Folklore Tells Us About Eclipses
August 16 | Smithsonian.com
This Odd-Looking Creature May Be the *Missing Link* in Dinosaur Evolution
August 16 | Los Angeles Times
To Feed the World, Improve Photosynthesis
August 16 | MIT Technology Review
Ancient Earthquake Turned Mosaic Workshop into Time Capsule
August 16 | LiveScience
Inclusions in Natural, Synthetic, and Treated Sapphire
August 16 | Gemological Institute of America
Fancy Sapphire
August 16 | Geology.com
fancy sapphires
These colorful sapphires were produced at the Capricorn Sapphire Mine in Central Queensland, Australia. The mine produces deep blue sapphires and fancy sapphires in a wide range of yellow, green, and bluish green hues. The gems above are all natural-color sapphires without any treatments. Photos courtesy of Richland Gemstones, owner of the Capricorn Sapphire mine.

Hurricane Gert - Probable Path
August 16 | National Hurricane Center
hurricane gert
First Induced Seismicity Lawsuit Hearing in Oklahoma
August 16 | The Norman Transcript
USGS: Induced Earthquake Hazard Estimation
August 16 | United States Geological Survey
induced earthquakes
How Friction Evolves During an Earthquake
August 16 | Phys.org
Sierra Leone Mudslide: 300 Dead, Red Cross Believes 600 Missing
August 16 | NBC News
U.S. Oil Drillers Keep Pressure on OPEC With Record Shale Output
August 16 | Bloomberg
Rig Counts by Production Region
August 15 | Energy Information Administration

Lithium from Geothermal Brines in Cornwall, England
August 15 | Mining.com
Monitoring Volcanoes According to Their Threat
August 15 | United States Geological Survey
Redoubt Volcano
VEI: Volcanic Explosivity Index
August 15 | Geology.com
volcanic explosivity