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US Diamond Mines
US Diamond Mines: Did you know that diamonds can be found in the United States?
Sliding Rocks
Sliding Rocks Mystery: What causes these rocks to slide across a Death Valley playa?
Gold Pans and Panning Kits
Gold Pans and Panning Kits - classifiers, snuffer bottles. Pans sized for kids to Goliath.
Geologist Tools
Geologist Tools: Visit our store for a large selection of field and laboratory tools.
Identifying Meteorites
Identifying Meteorites - Step one in identifying a possible meteorite is the magnet test.
Ant Hill Garnets
Ant Hill Garnets - tiny garnets that ants haul to the surface and discard on their anthill.
Sea Level Rise Map
Sea Level Rise Map: A Google map that shows where flooding will occur as sea level rises.
Mineraloids are amorphous naturally-occurring inorganic solids that lack crystallinity.

Geology and Earth Science News
First Science Results from NASA*s Juno Mission to Jupiter
May 30 | NASA
In a Drought, Over-Irrigated Lawns Lose 70 Billion Gallons of Water a Year
May 30 | National Science Foundation
NOAA Predicts Above-Normal 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season
May 30 | ABC News
The Largest Hurricanes to Hit the United States
May 30 | Geology.com
Natural Gas Makes a Comeback in Eagle Ford Shale Fields
May 29 | MySanAntonio
Low Platinum Prices Move the Metal Into More Jewelry
May 29 | Mining.com
World*s Top 20 Silver Mining Companies (Interactive)
May 29 | Mining.com
The Many Uses of Silver
May 29 | Geology.com
What Is the Eagle Ford Shale?
May 28 | Geology.com
Land Sales Surge in Alberta as Producers Rush into New Shale Play
May 28 | Reuters
Construction Starts on the World*s Largest Optical Telescope
May 28 | Engadget
History of the Silver Bell Mining District, Pima County, Arizona
May 27 | Arizona Geological Survey
Swedish Miner Begins Massive Relocation of Whole City
May 27 | Mining.com
First Detailed Study of Circulation off Angola
May 27 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Liquefaction-Related Folds in Turbidites of the Macigno Formation Sandstones
May 27 | Mountain Beltway
Teen*s Invention Can Warn of Deadly Rip Currents
May 26 | Science News for Students
Faulty Assumptions Impair Earthquake Hazard Assessment in Italy
May 26 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Mapping Chesapeake*s Future From Today*s Land Use
May 26 | United States Geological Survey
Did Jurassic Tectonics Lead to SuperGiant Oilfields?
May 26 | Earth Magazine
Ski Slope Geology of New Mexico
May 26 | New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
NASA Moves Up Launch of Psyche Mission to a Metal Asteroid
May 25 | NASA
Sherpas Evolved to Live and Work at Altitude
May 25 | Smithsonian.com
Cassini Looks on as Solstice Arrives at Saturn
May 25 | NASA
Internship Participation Among Recent Geoscience Graduates
May 25 | American Geosciences Institute
A Novel Plate Tectonic Scenario for the Genesis and Sealing of Some Major Mesozoic Oil Fields
May 25 | The Geological Society of America
Satellite Image: Landslide Buries Scenic California Highway
May 25 | NASA Earth Observatory
Satellite Image: Eruption at Sabancaya Volcano, Southern Peru
May 25 | NASA Earth Observatory
Budget Proposal: Stop Sharing Federal Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Royalties with Gulf Coast States
May 24 | FuelFix
Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Gains Will Reduce U.S. Gasoline Use
May 24 | FuelFix
The Approaching Glut of Natural-Gas-Generated Electricity
May 24 | Bloomberg
Scientists Finally Figured Out Why Earth Twinkles From Space
May 24 | Smithsonian.com
River Plumes near the Equator Have Major Effects on Oceans
May 24 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
USGS Marks the 37th Anniversary of Mount St. Helen*s Eruption
May 24 | United States Geological Survey
Assessing Critical Infrastructure Damage After Earthquakes
May 23 | United States Geological Survey
Radon Occurrence in Groundwater from 16 Geologic Units in Pennsylvania
May 23 | United States Geological Survey
How Thousand-Year-Old Trees Became the New Ivory
May 23 | Smithsonian.com
NOAA Officials Stress Hurricane Danger and Storm Safety
May 22 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Tornado Casualties Depend More on Storm Energy Than Population
May 22 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
OPEC Net Oil Revenues in 2016 Were Lowest Since 2004
May 22 | Energy Information Administration
How World War I Changed Weather Forecasting
May 22 | S
Beads Made From Meteorite Reveal Ancient Trade Network
May 22 | Smithsonian.com
Shifting Winds Write Their History on a New Zealand Lake Bed
May 22 | E
Scientists Look to Skies to Improve Tsunami Detection
May 21 | NASA
The Ten Top-Producing Diamond Mines in 2016
May 21 | Mining.com
Leading Diamond-Producing Countries of 2016
May 21 | Geology.com
Japanese Jadeite: History, Characteristics, and Comparison with Other Sources
May 21 | Gemological Institute of America
De Beers Enters the Polished Diamond Market
May 20 | Mining.com
Haynesville Shale Natural Gas Production Is Rising
May 20 | Bloomberg
2016 Natural Gas Produciton Breaks Pennsylvania*s Record at 5.1 TCF
May 20 | National Public Radio
U.S. Offshore Production is Driving U.S. Oil Exports
May 20 | United Press International
When Women Crowdfunded Radium for Marie Curie
May 20 | SmithsonianMag.com
Fracking Crew Shortage May Push Oil's Biggest Bubble to 2018
May 19 | Bloomberg
More Chinese Crude Imports Coming from Non-OPEC Countries
May 19 | Energy Information Administration
China Produces Methane Hydrates from South China Sea
May 19 | Mining.com
Japan Reports Natural Gas Production from Offshore Methane Hydrate Deposits
May 19 | Reuters
What Is Methane Hydrate?
May 19 | Geology.com
Zealandia: Earth*s Hidden Continent
May 18 | The Geological Society of America
Mt. Everest Beckoned, So He Climbed Without a Permit. Now He*s Under Arrest
May 18 | The New York Times
What Moves Gravel-Size Gypsum Crystals Around the Desert?
May 18 | The New York Times
Paid Geoscience Projects on U.S. Public Lands
May 18 | The Geological Society of America
Do You Want to Work in a National Park?
May 18 | The Geological Society of America
Catching Glimpses of Centuries-Old Earthquakes
May 18 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
California Earthquakes: Historic Isoseismal Maps
May 18 | Geology.com
The Top Ten Producing Diamond Mines of 2016
May 18 | Mining.com
The Only Diamond Mine In the World Where You Can Be the Miner
May 18 | Geology.com
Illegal Gold Mining Fuels Violence in Colombia
May 18 | Aljazeera
Satellite Image: Ash Plume Over Shiveluch Volcano
May 18 | NAS
Canadian Oil Sands Could Send More Crude to Gulf Coast Refineries
May 18 | FuelFix
T. Rex*s Powerful Bite Crushed Dino Bones to a Pulp
May 18 | The Washington Post
California Energy Mix Moves Towards More Renewables and Less Natural Gas
May 17 | Energy Information Administration
First Bakken Oil Cargo Heads to Asia
May 17 | Reuters
Surprise! Jupiter Has a Great *Cold* Spot Too
May 17 | Space.com
Explosive Eruption at Bogoslof Island
May 17 | Alaska Volcano Observatory
Did Life Ever Exist on Mars? It Could Have
May 17 | CBS News
Freebies for Science Teachers
May 16 | National Science Teachers Association
Plan Activities Now for Earth Science Week 2017
May 17 | Earth Science Week
Latest Fast Radio Burst From Space Adds to Their Mystery
May 16 | Smithsonian.com
The Complex Dynamics of Geyser Eruptions
May 16 | United States Geological Survey
What Is a Geyser?
May 16 | Geology.com
The Vital Nature of Streamgaging
May 16 | United States Geological Survey
Mars Rover Opportunity Begins Study of Valley*s Origin
May 16 | NASA
Banning Oil Tankers from the Northern Coast of British Columbia
May 16 | Bloomberg Business
OPEC Oil Export Revenue Fact Sheet
May 15 | Energy Information Administration
U.S. Rig Count Is Up for 17 Straight Weeks
May 15 | Reuters
Oil Companies Getting More Serious About Cyber Security
May 15 | FuelFix
Varied Increases in Extreme Rainfall with Global Warming
May 15 | MIT News
Revolutionizing Volcano Monitoring in Indonesia
May 15 | United States Geological Survey
Exploring for Gold on Baffin Island
May 15 | Mining.com
Where and How Can We Find New Sources of Oil and Gas?
May 15 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
The Riskiest Science Quiz You Will Ever Take!
May 14 | United States Geological Survey
Homeowners Insurance Often Does Not Cover Damage From Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Floods, Subsidence, Landslides and Many Other Geologic Hazards
May 14 | Geology.com
Autonomous Floats Shed New Light on the Ocean*s Many Hues
May 14 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Competing Models of Mountain Formation Reconciled
May 13 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Earthquakes Can Make Thrust Faults Open Violently and Snap Shut
May 13 | Caltech
Capulin Volcano Adds $1.8 Million to Local Economy
May 13 | SangreChronicle.com
*When Not If* the Palladium Price Tops the Platinum Price
May 12 | Mining.com
The Anticipated Decline of Nuclear Power Generation in the U.S.A.
May 12 | Energy Information Administration
Neptune Has Unexpectedly Primitive Atmosphere
May 12 | NASA
Colombia Calls Governments to Stop *Blood Gold* Trafficking
May 12 | Mining.com
Asian Investments May Target U.S. Shale
May 12 | United Press International
Cuprian Liddicoatite Tourmaline
May 12 | Gemological Institute of America
Kazakhstan: Oil, Natural Gas and Coal Report
May 12 | Energy Information Administration
How Natural Gas Is Displacing Coal in the Northeast Generation Mix
May 12 | Energy Information Administration
Gem and Mineral Shows This Summer
May 11 | The Vug
Observatories Combine to Crack Open the Crab Nebula
May 11 | NASA
How Do Rivers Flow over Bedrock?
May 11 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Appalled by the Illegal Trade in Elephant Ivory, a Biologist Decided to Make His Own
May 11 | Smithsonian.com
Geologists Use Radioactive Clock to Document Longest Earthquake Record
May 11 | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hypothetical: The HayWired Earthquake Scenario - Earthquake Hazards
May 11 | United States Geological Survey
Satellite Image: Fire Scars the Okefenokee
May 10 | NASA Earth Observatory
Study Links Pulse of Oil-field Wastewater to Oklahoma*s Strongest Earthquake
May 10 | State Impact
Why Two Volcanoes in Hawaii Are So Close, but So Different
May 10 | The New York Times
Merging Galaxies Have Enshrouded Black Holes
May 10 | NASA
Video: Landslide vs. Jeep
May 10 | The Landslide Blog
Ancient Methane Seeps Tell Tale of Sudden Warming
May 10 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Diagnosing Cryptic Remagnetization in Sedimentary Rocks
May 10 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Engineers in Iceland Drill 4.7 km Down Into a Volcano to Tap Clean Energy
May 9 | Phys.org
Sapphire Rush Near Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar
May 9 | Gem
Alaska Tundra Source of Early-Winter Carbon Emissions
May 9 | NASA
A Beach Disappeared in Ireland 33 Years Ago - Now It Is Back
May 9 | Smithsonian.com
Reconstructing Past Sea Level Change to Understand the Future
May 8 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
U.S. Military Warns Against Eastern Gulf Leasing
May 8 | Argus
Offshore*s Big Tech Idea? Simplify, Standardize and Lower Costs
May 8 | Houston Chronicle
Understanding Kamchatka*s Extraordinary Volcano Cluster
May 8 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
2017 Global Natural Diamond Production Forcasted at 142M Carats Worth $15.6B
May 8 | Mining.com
Which Countries Produce the Most Gem Diamonds?
May 8 | Geology.com
The World Is Buying American Diesel as Fast as Refiners Can Make It
May 7 | Bloomberg
How Fluids Flow Through Shale
May 7 | Science Daily
Natural Gas Exports Can Solve U.S. Energy Glut
May 7 | Bloomberg
Big Oil Gets In Early on Argentina Shale
May 7 | Fox Business
Arizona Geological Survey State-Allocated Funding of $941,000 Reinstated
May 6 | Arizona Geology
A Crude Awakening: The Global Black Market for Oil
May 6 | Mining.com
Iceberg Surge During Last Deglaciation May Have Had Two Pulses
May 6 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
The Rise and Fall of an Inland Amazon Sea
May 6 | Smithsonian.com
U.S. Geoscience Enrollments Sag, Bachelor and Doctoral Degrees Rise in 2016
May 6 | American Geosciences Institute
Is Climate Changing Cloud Heights?
May 6 | NASA
Shale Investments Have Surged by $100B
May 5 | FuelFix
Saturn*s Vortex and Rings
May 5 | NASA
NASA Rover Samples Active Linear Dune on Mars
May 5 | NASA
New Tool May Assist US Regional Sea Level Planning
May 5 | NASA
Making Fertilizer Out of Natural Gas ??
May 5 | Energy Information Administration
The Rapid Growth of Utility-Scale Solar
May 5 | Energy Information Administration
Student Honors Thesis Leads to Article in Geology
May 4 | Cornell College
Some Private Wells in Connecticut Test High for Naturally Occurring Arsenic, Uranium
May 4 | United States Geological Survey
*Conflict Minerals* Entering Tech Supply Chains from Countries Beyond Africa
May 4 | Mining.com
Video: Cassini*s Grand Finale
May 4 | The Washington Post
Three Miles of High Pressure Hose for a Diamond Mine in Angola
May 4 | Mining.com
Satellite Image: Band of Snow Spans Kansas and Nebraska
May 4 | NASA Earth Observatory
Satellite Image: Fire Near Okefenokee Swamp
May 3 | NASA Earth Observatory
Wastewater Injection Rates May Have Been Key to Oklahoma*s Largest Earthquake
May 3 | Seismological Society of America on EurekAlert
Earthquake Early Warning System Nets $10M in Budget Deal
May 3 | Los Angeles Times
May is Volcano Preparedness Month in Washington State
May 3 | United States Geological Survey
US DoE Delivers Big Boost to Uranium Price
May 3 | Mining.com
Rock Samples Indicate Water is Key Ingredient for Crust Formation
May 3 | University of Texas at Austin
Researchers Develop Radar Simulator to Characterize Scattering of Debris in Tornadoes
May 3 | National Science Foundation
Using Coseismic Calcite Veins to Date New Mexico Fault Line Earthquakes
May 3 | Phys.org
Climate Change*s Pulse Is in Central America and the Caribbean
May 3 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
A GeoCorps America and BLM New Mexico Partnership that Charted Fossil Conservation Efforts
May 2 | Speakin
Wind Turbines Provide 8% of U.S. Generating Capacity
May 2 | Energy Information Administration
Why Marcellus Rig Productivity Is Falling
May 2 | Bloomberg
Fires in the Yucatan
May 2 | NASA Earth Observatory
How and When Did Saturn Get Those Magnificent Rings?
May 2 | Smithsonian.com
Cassini Finds 'The Big Empty' Close to Saturn
May 2 | NASA
Preparing the Nation for Intense Space Weather
May 2 | United States Geological Survey
Bid to Reopen Mountain Pass Rare Earth Mine
May 1 | Mining.com
What Are Rare Earth Elements?
May 1 | Geology.com
Proposed Ban on the Export of U.S. Thermal Coal through Canadian Ports?
May 1 | Mining.com
Mapping the World*s Ocean Ecosystems
May 1 | USGS
What Happens When Ocean Eddies Hit a Wall?
May 1 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
U.S. LNG Expands to Eastern Europe as Poland Avoids Russian Gas
May 1 | Bloomberg
What is LNG?
May 1 | Geology.com
Canadian Drilling Drops Off During Spring Breakup
May 1 | Energy Information Administration
A Bike Built for Magnetic Mapping
May 1 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
EPA: Climate Change Science
April 30 | EPA
Of Airplanes and Ash Clouds: What We*ve Learned Since Eyjafjallajokull
April 30 | Earth Magazine
Predictive Capability for Extreme Space Weather Events
April 30 | EOS Earth and Space Science News