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Unrest at Mauna Loa, Earth*s Largest Active Volcano
October 23 | EOS Earth and Space Science News

Public domain image by USGS.

Did Humans Trigger the M 7.3 Earthquake that Hit Kern County, CA in 1952?
October 23 | EOS Earth and Space Science News

Isoseismal Maps for Selected California Earthquakes
October 23 | Geology.com
Coalinga Earthquake Intensity Map
Students in Massachusetts Need Rock and Mineral Specimens
October 23 | DonorsChoose.org
Tunneling the First Step of an Underground Transit System that Will Carry Passengers from DC to NYC in 29 Minutes
October 23 | The Baltimore Sun
Fiber Optic Lines Can Double as Earthquake Detectors
October 23 | engadget
Potential Human Habitat Located Beneath the Lunar Surface
October 23 | Purdue University

Rig Count Plunge Set To Boost Oil & Gas Prices
October 23 | OilPrice.com
Schlumberger Helps Out Halliburton
October 23 | Bloomberg
Could Mexico Be the Next Panama Canal for Gas?
October 23 | Bloomberg
Where is Panama?
October 23 | Geology.com
Map of Panama
Does Electric Vehicle Progress Signal Peak Oil Demand and Lower Oil Prices?
October 23 | Forbes
Which Countries Are Leaders in Renewable Energy
October 23 | SBS Australia
Rhino in Namibia Gets Revenge on a Poacher
October 23 | ABC News
Free Printable Calendars
October 23 | WaterproofPaper.com
November calendar
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LNG Buyers Want to Take the Driver*s Seat
October 22 | Bloomberg
LNG terminal
Petroleum Exports Make the Texas Gulf Coast an Epicenter of International Commerce
October 22 | Houston Chronicle
Important Job Choice Factors for the Early-Career Geoscience Workforce
October 22 | American Geosciences Institute
Scientists Are Watching China*s Glaciers Disappear
October 22 | National Public Radio
The Permian Basin Land Rush is Coming to an End
October 22 | Bloomberg
U.S. Shale Drilling Productivity Report by Region
October 22 | Energy Information Administration
U.S. Shale Industry Will See Another Wave of Investment
October 22 | Reuters
Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Report
October 22 | Energy Information Administration

After Six Tests, the Mountain Hosting North Korea*s Nuclear Tests May Be Exhausted
October 21 | The Washington Post
Volcanic Eruptions Could Have Spurred Revolts in Ancient Egypt
October 21 | Smithsonian.com
Using Radar to Protect California*s Water Supply
October 21 | NASA on YouTube

How Much Water Flows into Agricultural Irrigation?
October 21 | National Science Foundation
Australian Domestic Natural Gas Prices Increase as Exports Increase
October 20 | Energy Information Administration

California Fires Cause $1B in Damage, Burn 7,000 Buildings
October 20 | Voice of America
Why This Massive Mud Volcano Turned Deadly
October 20 | National Geographic
When a Big Earthquake Hits, Your First Instinct Can Mean Life or Death
October 20 | Los Angeles Times

Damage caused the the 1994 Northridge, California earthquake. Public domain photo by USGS.

Forecasting the World*s Energy Resources
October 20 | United States Geological Survey
USGS Tracks Evolution of a Fire Island Hurricane-Made Breach
October 20 | United States Geological Survey
Modern Humans and Neanderthals May Be More Similar Than We Imagined
October 20 | Smithsonian.com
Dawn Mission Extended at Ceres
October 20 | NASA
dawn mission at ceres
Take a Walk on Mars -- in Your Own Living Room
October 20 | NASA
Energy Intensity of U.S. Manufacturing is Decreasing
October 19 | Energy Information Administration
energy intensity of U.S. manufacturing
When Ice Yields Fire -- How USGS Explores the Cutting Edge of Gas Hydrates
October 19 | United States Geological Survey

A sample of gas hydrate from the Mallik Test Well in Canada. Photo by USGS.

What Are Gas Hydrates?
October 19 | Geology.com
gas hydrates
Methane hydrate: On the left is a ball-and-stick model of methane hydrate showing the central methane molecule surrounded by a *cage* of water molecules. Other hydrocarbon molecules such as pentane and ethane can occupy the central position in this structure. (United States Department of Energy image). On the right is a burning specimen of methane hydrate ice (United States Geological Survey image).

How Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Turned Skies Red Over the U.K.
October 19 | Smithsonian.com
Canada*s Oil Sands Survive, But Can*t Thrive in a $50 Oil World
October 19 | Mining.com
Thirteen Innovative Ways Humans Use Drones
October 19 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Summer Rainfall Patterns in East Asia Shift with the Wind
October 19 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Hubble Spots Strange Pair of Space Rocks in the Night Sky
October 19 | Smithsonian.com
How Mexico City*s Unique Geology Makes Deadly Earthquakes Even Worse
October 19 | Smithsonian.com
Deep Space Communications via Faraway Photons
October 19 | NASA

Storm Ophelia Was so Unusual, It Was Literally Off the Charts
October 18 | The Verge
An 1888 Volcanic Collapse Becomes a Benchmark for Tsunami Models
October 18 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Satellite Quantifies Carbon Dioxide from Coal-Fired Power Plants
October 18 | EOS Earth and Space Science News
Boom in American Liquefied Natural Gas Is Shaking Up the Energy World
October 18 | The New York Times
What is Liquefied Natural Gas?
October 18 | Geology.com
liquefied natural gas
Auction Proceeds from a 709-carat Diamond Found by a Pastor in Sierra Leone Will Go to Community Development Projects
October 18 | Mining.com
Where is Sierra Leone?
October 18 | Geology.com
Sierra Leone
Crude Oil and Petroleum Product Exports Reach Record Levels in the First Half of 2017
October 18 | Energy Information Administration

Photos: A Look Back at the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake
October 17 | Los Angeles Daily News

*Soft story* building in the Marina District of San Francisco, ready to collapse shortly after the Loma Prieta earthquake. Photo by USGS.

Ophelia Produces Orange Skies Over the UK and France
October 17 | ABC News
Why NASA Needs To Establish Martian Law
October 17 | Smithsonian.com
NASA Missions Catch First Light from a Gravitational-Wave Event
October 17 | NASA

Image by NASA.

Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves from a New Kind of Nova, Sparking a New Era in Astronomy
October 17 | The Washington Post
In Ireland: Two Deaths Linked to Post-Tropical Cyclone Ophelia
October 16 | BBC
Oil Rig Explodes in Louisiana*s Lake Pontchartrain, Injuring 5 Critically
October 16 | NBC News
Apache Identifies Up to 5000 Potentially *Economic* Drilling Sites in West Texas
October 16 | Houston Chronicle
Hurricane Ophelia: Thousands Lose Power as Storm Hits Ireland
October 16 | BBC
Iraqi Military Claims to Have Siezed Two Oil Fields Near Kirkuk
October 16 | The Washington Post
Where is Kirkuk?
October 16 | Geology.com
Kirkuk is a city located in northcentral Iraq.

Faded Yukon Gold Rush Town, Population 20, Mines Its Weirdness
October 16 | The New York Times
China*s Tiangong-1 Space Station Will Crash to Earth in the Next Few Months
October 16 | Gizmodo.com
Hurricane Ophelia, Taking Aim at British Isles, May Still Deliver Damage
October 16 | NBC News
Hurricane Ophelia Anticipated Track Map
October 16 | National Hurricane Center
Hurricane Ophelia
Evidence of a Ninth Planet
October 15 | Caltech on Youtube

Death Toll Rises to 40 as Firefighters Continue to Battle California Wildfires
October 15 | Los Angeles Times
A Rising Zinc Price Sparks a Flurry of Miner Listings
October 14 | Mining.com
Uses of Zinc
October 14 | Geology.com
galvanized zinc
About one-half of the zinc that is produced is used in zinc galvanizing, which is the process of adding thin layers of zinc to iron or steel to prevent rusting. Image copyright by iStockphoto and Stephen Sweet.

Iron Ore Prices Rise as Chinese Imports Reach Record High
October 14 | Mining.com
Improved Monitoring of Kilauea
October 14 | Earth Magazine
Cones and Craters near Flagstaff, Arizona
October 14 | Earth Magazine
This Mapping Tool Could Help Wilderness Firefighters Plan Escape Routes
October 14 | Smithsonian.com
Arizona*s First New Copper Mine in More than a Decade is One Permit Away
October 13 | Mining.com
Fossil Discovery in Tanzania Reveals Ancient Bobcat-Sized Carnivore
October 13 | National Science Foundation
California Wildfires Kill at Least 31 as Wind Continues to Fan Flames
October 13 | Reuters