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What Are Minerals?What Are Minerals? Minerals are the building blocks of our society. We use items made with them every day. QuartzQuartz Quartz is the most abundant mineral in the crust. It has many useful properties. Diamond: The MineralDiamond Diamond is a mineral with unique properties and many gem and industrial uses! Mineral IdentificationMineral Identification Mineral Identification Chart: Printable mineral ID chart by Art Crossman in MS Excel format.
Fluorescent MineralsFluorescent Minerals Fluorescent Minerals glow with spectacular colors under ultraviolet light. U.S. GemstonesUnited States Gemstones United States Gemstones: Small mines in the U.S. produce a diversity of gemstones. Uses of GoldUses of Gold Gold has unique properties that make it one of the most useful minerals. TopazTopaz Topaz is a mineral best known as a durable gemstone and its use in Mohs Hardness Scale.
Diamonds from Coal?How Do Diamonds Form? Diamonds Do Not Form From Coal: That is one of the biggest misconceptions in science. Fee MiningFee Mining Find Minerals and Gems: Dozens of sites where you can dig and keep what you find. Hardness TestingMohs Hardness Test Mohs Hardness Scale is a set of reference minerals used for classroom hardness testing. Tucson Mineral ShowTucson Gem and Mineral Show Tucson Gem & Mineral Show: Photos from the largest gem and mineral show.
CalciteCalcite Calcite is a carbonate mineral with industrial, agricultural, medical and many other uses. Is Water a Mineral?Is Water a Mineral? Is Water a Mineral? Comparing the properties of water with the definition of a mineral. KyaniteKyanite Kyanite: a metamorphic mineral that most often forms from clay-rich sedimentary rocks. Herkimer DiamondsHerkimer Diamonds Herkimer Diamonds: Doubly-terminated quartz crystals used as specimens and gems.
Spodumene Spodumene Spodumene is a pegmatite mineral, an ore of lithium and sometimes a gemstone. CorundumCorundum Corundum: a very hard mineral used as an abrasive. The mineral of ruby and sapphire. The Acid TestMineral Acid Test The Acid Test: Geologists use dilute hydrochloric acid to identify carbonate minerals. Olivine RainOlivine Rain Olivine Rain: Spitzer Telescope discovered a rain of olivine crystals on protostar HOPS-68.
Denver Mineral ShowDenver Mineral Show Denver Gem and Mineral Show: Photos and comments about this incredible annual show. Fireworks & MineralsMinerals and Fireworks The Science of Fireworks: Their shapes and colors are produced through chemistry, physics & art. Rare Earth ElementsRare Earth Elements Rare Earth Elements are used in cell phones, DVDs, batteries, magnets & many other products. Dangerous MinesAbandoned Mine Accidents Abandoned Mine Accidents take 20 to 30 lives per year. Many can be prevented with education.
Uses of SilverUses of silver Uses of Silver: Most people think of jewelry and coins, but silver\'s primary use is industrial. TriboluminescenceTriboluminescence Triboluminescence is flash produced when a mineral is rubbed, scratched or broken.    

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