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MineralsMinerals Minerals Descriptions, photos, articles, properties and uses for common minerals. ShaleShale Shale - The rock that has quickly transformed the oil and gas industry. Mount VesuviusMount Vesuvius Mount Vesuvius - geology, history, maps, facts and more about the Vesuvius eruptions.
Hydraulic FracturingHydraulic Fracturing Hydraulic fracturing increases well yield by fracturing the reservoir rock with fluid injection. Rare Earth ElementsRare Earth Elements Rare Earths - Special materials used in electronics, defense, medical & many other products. PeridotitePeridotite Peridotite is a chromite host rock, a source of diamonds and a possible carbon dioxide sink.
Diamond ProducersDiamond Production Diamond Production leaders include: Botswana, Russia, Angola and Canada. Methane HydrateMethane Hydrate Methane Hydrate deposits contain more fuel value than all other fossil fuels combined. Life on Europa?Life on Europa Life on Europa could exist in a salty ocean deep below its frozen surface.
Blue FlamesBlue Flames Blue Flames and the largest highly acidic lake in the world at Kawah Ijen Volcano. SunstoneSunstone Sunstone - A gem feldspar with aventurescence caused by light reflecting from platy inclusions. Mount EtnaMount Etna Mount Etna - The most active volcano in Europe continues an eruption that started in 2001.
What Is Earth Science?What Is Earth Science? What Is Earth Science? The study of Earth and its neighbors in space. Learn more! Rocks on MarsRocks on Mars Rocks on Mars - Many of the rocks found on Mars are not very different from Earth rocks. ZirconZircon Zircon is the primary ore of zirconium and a gemstone that is available in many colors.
Wall MapsWall Maps Wall Maps - Wall maps of the world, continents, states and the USA. Fire OpalFire Opal Fire Opal is a transparent to translucent opal with a yellow, orange or red background color. Rock ArtRock Art Rock Art - People have been marking on rocks for thousands of years.
Mineral RightsMineral Rights Mineral Rights Who owns the minerals under your land? Who wants to buy them? Tallest MountainTallest Mountain Tallest Mountain - Everest has rivals in tallness, altitude and distance to the center of Earth. Uses of GoldUses of Gold The Many Uses of Gold - Unique properties make gold one of the most useful metals.
ObsidianObsidian Obsidian - the volcanic rock that cools so quickly that it becomes a natural glass. Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli - a metamorphic rock and the most popular blue opaque gemstone in history. Frac SandFrac Sand Frac Sand - A specialty sand used to maintain porosity in hydraulic fracturing.
What is LNG?What is LNG? What is LNG? The use of LNG as an energy source is growing rapidly. Learn more about LNG. Crater of DiamondsCrater of Diamonds Crater of Diamonds - The only diamond mine in the world where you can be the miner. DiamondsDiamonds Diamonds - Learn about the properties of diamond, its many uses and diamond discoveries.
Google Earth - FreeDownload Google Earth Free Free Google Earth software allows you to browse seamless world satellite images. Free. Gems from SpaceGems from Space Extraterrestrial Gems - A number of materials from space are used as attractive gems. Petrified WoodPetrified Wood Petrified Wood is a fossil that forms when dissolved material preciptates and replaces wood.
Eagle Ford ShaleEagle Ford Shale Eagle Ford Shale - One of the most prolific oil and gas producers in the United States. Sea Level Rise MapsSea Level Rise Maps Sea Level Rise Maps - See what will be flooded as sea level rises. Tanzanitetanzanite Tanzanite was unknown until a few decades ago but it has erupted into wide popularity.
Canadian DiamondsCanadian Diamonds Canada is one of the world*s leading producers of gem-quality diamonds. GemstonesGemstones Gemstones - Colorful images and articles about diamonds and colored stones. Coal Close UpCoal through a microscope Coal Through a Microscope - Coal is more than a black rock. It is THE most interesting rock.
AmmoliteAmmolite Ammolite is a fossil and a gemstone. It is shell material from fossil ammonites. The Brewery Rock ?diatomite The Rock Used to Make Beer - Geologists are beer experts and should know about this rock. RocksRocks Rocks - Galleries of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock photos with descriptions.
VolcanoesVolcanoes Volcanoes - Articles about volcanoes, volcanic hazards and eruptions past and present. Rock KitsRock Kits Rock Kits for classroom and personal study. A great way to learn about rocks. What is Geology?What is Geology? What is Geology? - The study of Earth materials, structures, processes and life over time.
San Andreas FaultSan Andreas Fault The San Andreas Fault - A feature that separates the Pacific and North American Plates. GraniteGranite Granite - The intrusive igneous rock that underlies continents and countertops. Record LightningLake Maracaibo Lightning World Record Lightning - this lake has more lightning than any other place in the world.
Homeowners InsuranceHomeowners Insurance Homeowners Insurance usually does not cover the most common geologic hazards. What Is The Moho?What Is The Moho? What Is The Moho? The Mohorovicic Discontinuity is the mantle/crust boundary. Bear MapBear Map Range of Bear Species - Where you might encounter different types of bears.
Gem SilicaGem Silica Gem Silica is a blue chalcedony colored by copper. It is the rarest and most valuable chalcedony. Ant Hill GarnetsAnt Hill Garnets Ant Hill Garnets - tiny gems that ants haul to the surface and discard on their anthill. Honest! Asteroid Impact MapAsteroid Impact Map Asteroid Impact Map - Explore fifty of the most obvious asteroid impact craters on Earth.
Land Below Sea LevelLand Below Sea Level Land Below Sea Level - Did you know that dozens of land locations are below sea level? LabradoriteLabradorite Labradorite is a feldspar mineral that sometimes exhibits an iridescent play-of-colors OlivineOlivine Olivine - Abundant in Earth*s mantle. A constituent of meteorites. The gem peridot.
Bear AttacksBear Attacks Bear Attacks - Knowing how to react to a bear encounter or attack could save your life. Sliding RocksSliding Rocks Sliding Rocks Mystery - What causes these rocks to slide across a playa in Death Valley? Teacher ResourcesTeacher Resources Teacher Resources - K-12 resources for teaching about earth science.
Quartzitequartzite Quartzite is metamorphic rock formed when sandstone is subjected to heat and pressure. Geology ToolsGeology Tools Geology Tools Rock hammers, field bags, hand lenses, maps, hardness picks, gold pans. Deepest LakeDeepest Lake in the World Deepest Lake in the World Lake Baikal in southern Russia is the deepest lake in the World.
Types Of EruptionsTypes Of Eruptions Types of Volcanic Eruptions - A description of the most common eruption types. Ruby and Sapphireruby and sapphire Ruby and Sapphire are the 2nd and 3rd most popular colored stones in the United States. Great Rift ValleyGreat Rift Valley The East Africa Rift System - The extensive fault system that is tearing Africa apart.
The Acid TestThe Acid Test The Acid Test - Geologists use dilute hydrochloric acid to identify carbonate minerals. Geology of Heliumhelium Helium is a byproduct of the natural gas industry. Its most important use is in MRI. TurquoiseTurquoise Turquoise - A bluish-green gem material that has been used for over 6000 years.
Rock TumblersRock Tumblers Rock Tumblers - All about rock tumblers and rock tumbling. Read before you buy a tumbler. What are Glaciers?What are Glaciers? What are Glaciers? Learn how glaciers form, flow, advance, retreat, and change over time. Dowsingdowsing Dowsing is a method used to find underground water that is rejected by most geologists.
Fluorescent MineralsFluorescent Minerals Fluorescent Minerals and rocks glow with spectacular colors under ultraviolet light. MisconceptionDiamonds from Coal Diamond Misconception - Many people think that diamonds form from coal. Not True! CorundumCorundum Corundum is the third hardest mineral. It is also the mineral of ruby and sapphire.
RhodochrositeRhodochrosite Rhodochrosite - a manganese mineral used as an ore, a pink gem and an ornamental stone. RhodoniteRhodonite Rhodonite - a manganese silicate used as a minor ore of manganese and as a gemstone. 100+ Gemstonescolored stones 100+ Gems - Photos of over 100 beautiful gems ranging from the popular to the obscure.
MineraloidsMineraloids Mineraloids are amorphous naturally-occurring inorganic solids that lack crystallinity. USA Landslide MapLandslides Landslide Incidence Map - A USGS map showing landslide incidence in the United States. What is a Geyser?What is a Geyser? What is a Geyser? Photos and information about geysers in many parts of the world.
Red BerylRed Beryl Red Beryl is one of the rarest gems. Small amounts are mined at one locality in Utah. Largest VolcanoesLargest Volcanoes Largest Volcano - That title is shared by Tamu Massif, Mauna Kea and Ojos del Salado. Volcanic ExplosivityVolcanic Explosivity Volcanic Explosivity - Rating volcanic eruptions based upon the volume of tephra ejected.
TourmalineTourmaline Tourmaline - the most colorful mineral and natural gem material on Earth. Field CoursesField Camps Field Courses - Over 80 field courses for undergraduate geology students. Azurite GraniteK2 Granite Azurite Granite ? A white granite with blue orbs of azurite. A new material from Pakistan.
Mineral HardnessMohs Hardness Test Mohs Hardness Scale is a set of reference minerals used for classroom hardness testing. MeteoritesMeteorites Meteorites - Rocks that were once parts of planets or large asteroids. SoapstoneSoapstone Soapstone is a metamorphic rock with properties that make it suitable for a variety of projects.
Facts About CopperCopper Facts About Copper - Information about copper uses, production, resources and more. EmeraldEmerald Emerald is the most popular green gemstone in the United States and most of the world. Plate TectonicsPlate Tectonics Plate Tectonics - Articles and maps about plate tectonics and the interior of Earth.
Horizontal DrillingHorizontal Drilling Horizontal Drilling has opened new resources and significantly improved productivity. Cave of the HandsCave of the Hands Cave of the Hands is a cave where ancient people painted hands about 9000 years ago. Kyanitekyanite Kyanite is a metamorphic mineral used to make porcelain, abrasive products and gems.
Hardness Pickshardness picks Hardness Picks - Mohs hardness testing with precise and easy-to-use hardness picks. Uses of MarbleUses of Marble The Uses of Marble are numerous and diverse. You will be surprised by how it is used. SandSand Sand is a diverse material. This gallery includes photos of sand from around the world.
Watch out for Ticks!ticks Ticks are a problem for geologists in some areas. Learn to recognize and avoid them. RhyoliteRhyolite Rhyolite An extrusive igneous rock with a high silica content, produced from granitic magma. June 6, 1912Novarupta June 6, 1912 - The most powerful volcanic eruption of the 20th century.
ChalcopyriteChalcopyrite Chalcopyrite - The most important ore of copper for over five thousand years. AzuriteAzurite Azurite - Used as an ore of copper, a pigment, ornamental stone and gem material. What is a Maar?What is a Maar? What is a Maar? The second most common volcanic landscape feature on Earth.
San Andreas Fault MapSan Andreas Fault Map Google Map of the San Andreas Fault Zoom in to see the fault trace on satellite images. Oil Fields from Spacenatural gas flaring Oil Fields from Space - Night views of Earth show the distribution of oil field activity. Lightning Strikes MapLightning Strikes Map Lightning Strikes Map by NASA shows the worldwide distribution of lightning activity.
US Diamond MinesUS Diamond Mines US Diamond Mines - Did you know that diamonds have been mined in the United States? Expansive SoilExpansive Soil Expansive Soil Causes more damage than floods, hurricanes & tornadoes combined. HematiteHematite on Mars Hematite - The most important ore of iron. A source of mineral pigment since prehistory.
Earthquake MapsCalifornia Earthquake Maps California Earthquake Maps A collection of isoseismal maps for earthquakes in California. GarnetGarnet Garnet is best known as a red gemstone. It occurs in any color and has many industrial uses. Huge Diamond DepositPopigai Diamonds The Largest Diamond Deposit in the world could be under Popigai Crater in Russia.
Gold PansGold Pans Gold Pans and Panning Kits - classifiers, snuffer bottles. Pans sized for kids to Goliath. UV Mineral LampUV Mineral Lamp Portable UV Lamp - Short and long wave UV for fluorescent mineral viewing. Arctic Seafloor MapArctic Ocean Seafloor Map Arctic Ocean Seafloor Map The ridges, basins, shelves and rifts defining the Arctic seafloor.
Crushed StoneCrushed Stone Crushed Stone - About four tons per person is used each year in the United States. Hand LensHand Lens Hand Lens A 10-power folding magnifier in a metal case. A frequently used lab and field tool. Mount ClevelandMount Cleveland Mount Cleveland is an active volcano in the Aleutian Islands and a threat to air traffic.
Tallest TsunamiTallest Tsunami Tallest Tsunami - A wave with a run-up height of 1720 feet occurred in Lituya Bay, Alaska. Pavlof VolcanoPavlof Volcano Pavlof Volcano - one of the most active volcanoes in North America and threat to air traffic. Salt DomesSalt Domes Salt Domes - Salt structures that are often associated with oil and natural gas accumulations.
Antarctic Meteoriteshunting meteorites in Antarctica The Richest Meteorite Field - More meteorites found here than anywhere else on Earth. FossilsFossils Fossils - Learn about fossils and discoveries around the world. OpalsOpal Pictures of Opal - A collection of different types of opal from all around the world and Mars too!
Fee Mining SitesFee Mining Fee Mining sites are mines that you can enter, pay a fee, and keep anything that you find. Oil and GasOil and Gas Oil and Gas - Articles about oil and natural gas in the US and around the world. Largest EarthquakeLargest Earthquake Largest Earthquake ever recorded - Magnitude 9.5. Chile, 1960.
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Columbia Glacier, Alberta: 3 km Retreat 1986-2015
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Initiative Aims to Help Cut Losses from Extreme Weather Events
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