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News and Information About Geology and Earth Science

What is Peanut Wood?Peanut Wood Peanut Wood? It is a type of fossil wood found in Australia. Do you know how it forms? Petrified WoodPetrified Wood Petrified Wood is a fossil that forms when dissolved material preciptates and replaces wood. Bear AttacksBear Attacks Bear Attacks: Knowing how to react to a bear encounter or attack could save your life. LabradoriteLabradorite Labradorite is a feldspar mineral that sometimes exhibits an iridescent play-of-colors
MineralsMinerals Minerals: Descriptions, photos, articles, properties and uses for common minerals. NewsGeology News News is updated several times each week. Read it here or receive email updates. Uses of MarbleUses of Marble The Uses of Marble are numerous and diverse. You will be surprised by how it is used. RocksRocks Rocks: Galleries of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock photos with descriptions.
What is a Maar?What is a Maar? What is a Maar? The second most common volcanic landscape feature on Earth. Pavlof VolcanoPavlof Volcano Pavlof Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in North America and a threat to air traffic. Salt GlaciersSalt Glaciers Salt Glaciers are masses of salt that flow downslope under their own weight. PeridotitePeridotite Peridotite is a chromite host rock, a source of diamonds and a possible carbon dioxide sink.
SunstoneSunstone Sunstone: a gem feldspar with aventurescence caused by light reflecting from platy inclusions. Plate TectonicsPlate Tectonics Plate Tectonics: Articles, maps, information about plate tectonics and the interior of Earth. Salt DomesSalt Domes Salt Domes are columns of salt that move upwards because of the salt\'s low specific gravity. San Andreas FaultSan Andreas Fault The San Andreas Fault: A feature that separates the Pacific and North American Plates.
Mount ClevelandMount Cleveland Mount Cleveland is an active volcano in the Aleutian Islands and a threat to air traffic. ChromiteChromite Chromite is the only economic ore of chromium metal. It is usually found in ultrabasic rocks. USA Landslide MapLandslides Landslide Incidence Map: A USGS map showing landslide incidence in the United States. Rock ArtRock Art Rock Art: People have been marking on rocks for thousands of years.
GemstonesGemstones Gemstones: Fantastic images and articles about diamonds and colored stones. Rocks on MarsRocks on Mars Rocks on Mars: Many of the rocks found on Mars are not very different from Earth rocks. VolcanoesVolcanoes Volcanoes: Articles about volcanoes, volcanic hazards and eruptions past and present. Google Earth - FreeDownload Google Earth Free Free Google Earth software allows you to browse seamless world satellite images. Free.
DiamondsDiamonds Diamonds: Learn about the properties of diamond, its many uses and diamond discoveries. Largest LandslideLargest Landslide Largest Landslides: Heart Mountain and Storegga are the largest known landslides. FluoriteFluorite Fluorite is an industrial mineral used in many chemical, ceramic and metallurgical processes. Find Minerals & GemsFee Mining Find Minerals and Gems: Dozens of sites where you can dig and keep what you find.
Sliding RocksSliding Rocks Sliding Rocks Mystery: What causes these rocks to slide across a playa in Death Valley? Oil and GasOil and Gas Oil and Gas: Articles about oil and natural gas in the US and around the world. A Close Look at CoalCoal Coal Through a Microscope: Coal is more than a black rock. It is THE most interesting rock. Fluorescent MineralsFluorescent Minerals Fluorescent Minerals glow with spectacular colors under ultraviolet light.
Asteroid Impact MapAsteroid Impact Map Asteroid Impact Map: Explore fifty of the most obvious asteroid impact craters on Earth. What is LNG?What is LNG? What is LNG? The use of Liquified Natural Gas as an energy source is growing rapidly. Wrong Volcano!Novarupta Wrong Volcano! The most powerful eruption of the 20th century was misidentified? FossilsFossils Fossils: Learn about fossils and fossil discoveries around the world.
Uses of GoldUses of Gold The Many Uses of Gold: Unique properties make gold one of the most useful metals. Flaring from SpaceFlaring from Space at Night Flaring from Space at Night: Views of Earth show oil field illumination and gas flaring. AmmoliteAmmolite Ammolite is a fossil and a gemstone. It is shell material from fossil ammonites. Historical GeologyHistorical Geology Historical Geology: Articles about the history of the Earth and the events that have shaped it.
MisconceptionDiamonds from Coal Diamond Misconception: Lots of people think that diamonds form from coal. Not True! Geologist Toolsgeologist tools Geologist Tools: Visit our store for a large selection of field and laboratory tools. Cave of the HandsCave of the Hands Cave of the Hands is a cave where ancient people painted hands about 9000 years ago. Land Below Sea LevelLand Below Sea Level Land Below Sea Level: Did you know that dozens of land locations are below sea level?
EarthquakesEarthquakes Earthquakes: Learn about earthquakes and how they have affected cities and people. Dallol VolcanoDallol Volcano Strange Volcanic Landscape! Photos of Dallol Volcano - an explosion crater in Ethiopia. AmetrineAmetrine Ametrine is a bicolor quartz (amethyst + citrine) and a gemstone of growing popularity. AstronomyAstronomy Astronomy: Fantastic images and articles about solar system and deep-space astronomy.
Impact EventsImpact Events Impact Events: Articles and images about impact events on Earth, moons and planets. What City is This?Satellite Images What City is This? Can you recognize United States cities from satellite images? OlivineOlivine Olivine is a rock-forming mineral found in Earth\'s crust and mantle, and in some meteorites. Rare Earth ElementsRare Earth Elements Rare Earths: Special materials used in electronics, defense, medical & many other products.
Earth Science RecordsEverest Earth Science Records: Highest mountain, deepest lake, biggest tsunami and more. Facts About CopperCopper Facts About Copper: Information about copper uses, production, resources and more. Fire OpalFire Opal Fire Opal is a transparent to translucent opal with a yellow, orange or red background color. WaterWater Water Articles, press releases and teaching resources for surface and ground water.
Mount EtnaMount Etna Mount Etna: The most active volcano in Europe continues an eruption that started in 2001. Climate ChangeClimate Change Climate Change: A collection of articles on climate change and it\\\'s diverse impacts. TsunamiTsunami Tsunamis: Articles and press releases about tsunamis and earthquakes that trigger them. Eagle Ford ShaleEagle Ford Shale Eagle Ford Shale: One of the most prolific producers of oil and gas in the United States.
Frac SandFrac Sand Frac Sand: The amount of frac sand produced in the USA is up by over 300% since 2009. ChrysoberylChrysoberyl Chrysoberyl: a very hard gem mineral with dispersion, chatoyance and color-change. OceanographyOceanography Oceanography: Articles, press releases and teaching materials related to oceanography. Largest VolcanoesLargest Volcanoes Largest Volcano: That title is shared by Tamu Massif, Mauna Kea and Ojos del Salado.
SubsidenceSubsidence Subsidence: Articles, maps and news about mine, cavern and fluid-production subsidence. Homeowners InsuranceHomeowners Insurance Homeowners Insurance usually does not cover the most common geologic hazards. ScoriaScoria Scoria is a dark-colored, extrusive igneous rock with abundant vesicles. SandSand Sand is a diverse material. This gallery includes photos of sand from around the world.
The Acid TestThe Acid Test The Acid Test: Geologists use dilute hydrochloric acid to identify carbonate minerals. Turritella AgateTurritella Agate Turritella Agate is a brown agate containing snail fossils from the Green River Formation. PumicePumice Pumice is a rock formed during explosive volcanic eruptions. It has a wide variety of uses. Volcanic ExplosivityVolcanic Explosivity Volcanic Explosivity: Rating volcanic eruptions based upon the volume of tephra ejected.
Saidmareh LandslideSaidmareh Landslide The Saidmareh Landslide in Iran is 10,000 years old and involved 5 cubic miles of debris.      

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